Leaves bending / slight tip brown

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  1. This is a 1 1/2 week old autoflower and its been doing fine. Ive had it inside for most of its life but a few days ago i began putting it outside in the sun for about 4 hours a day. Yesterday i noticed the leaves beginning to brown on the edge and the leaves canoeing. Is this heat stress? Some sort of deficiency ?was only about 82 when i put them outside. Its in a mix of 30pct peat moss 30 pct perlite and 30pct high quality compost/humus with a little lime, kelp and neem meal. Here she is [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. What about the lights? They are curling up which could mean a heat or lighting issue.

    It's a bit young to be showing deficiencies. Perhaps a hot soil mix but then we would probably see curling downward and yellowing.
  3. Its under a 4 lamp 6500k t5 . I probably have it too close, lol. Its actually raised a little higher in the picture (like 4 inches now) than it was yesterday when i first noticed the problem. I also have a little fan blowing on them. [​IMG]
  4. Update: i think shes okay, lol. Just watered and put some mulch on today [​IMG]
  5. Hey there, heres a tip, clear the area right to the dirt under and around the plant, less chance of bugs.

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  6. Nah thanks but i want the bugs. And the worms i put in my soil want somthing to eat too. Just sprayed it with some neem and bt so pests shouldnt be a problem

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  7. Lol...ok

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