Leaves bending & how long should I be using 2700k CFLs?

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  1. Hello, what you see is a picture of my plant today. I have two questions, one being should I still have a 2700k lighting my plant? If so, for how long is the 2700k necessary?

    My second question is, as you see in the picture, the tips of the leaves bend downward. The box was getting hot, until I added a fan not too long ago. I have it in wild soil, but there were stages where the leaves weren't bent at all.

    Before moving it to my box, the leaves were bent. Once I moved it in, they straightened up. I'm getting ready to water it again.


  2. Theres nothing wrong with that plant.
    You can use the CFL the hole way through vegging. But apply a HID in a week or so and you'll see a big improvement in growth and bushiness.
  3. Thanks, I have added reputation for you.

    Would it be more effective to use a 2700k or two instead of a 5100k and two 6500ks at this stage in life?
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    I have 6500k for vegging seedlings, its the right spectrum.
    Thank for the rep.

    Edit: If the 2700k is all you have, just use it for a week of so, and then use a HID.
    For vegging i use CFL for the first week or so, then MH for a couple of weeks, and finish off the 'VEG' period with a HPS. I use HPS throughout flowering. I've often thought of using MH or UVB along with HPS during flowering, but i just haven't got round to it yet.

  5. 6500=good for veg
    2700=good for flowering (may cause stretching while veg)

    HPS = 2100(or something like that
    MH = 6500 (or around that)
    hid are expencive, if your doing a small grow i dont see the sence in spending that money, but its up to you.

    HPS at home depo sell for about 20 bux or less for 75-150 wat that fit standard light fixtures
    cfl, figure 100 TRUE wats per plant. best bet is the 23w (equals 100w) i use those and they arnt to hot. i have a nice fan blowing.

    also, i too have bending downward leaves, we're in the same boat!
  6. Well, my current inventory contains two 20w 2700k cfl lights, one 42w 2700k cfl light, one 5100k 23w cfl, one 5500 (roughly) 23w cfl, and one 6500k 23w cfl. I have three light sockets in my box, with the three 5100k+ currently lighting my young plant.

    Once I expect to flower, I should then replace these 5100k+ lights with my three 2700k lights?

    Edit: +rep to you, 87rx7chick. Thanks!

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