Leaves are yellowing not sure why

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  1. Recently topped and trimmed which is looking good but lower leaves are turning yellow and I'm not sure why ph is okay and I'm pretty sure she's getting all her nutes. any ideas what's up with this?
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  2. It looks like nute burn or nitrogen deficiency. Make sure the nitrogen is higher than "p-k" of "n-p-k" in your soil. Or again nute burn, so slow it down and each watering lower the amount of nutes you put into it. Also could try flushing the plant with ph'd water

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    But I had similar shit, so I got better soil and kept it simple and my girl started getting better.

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  3. Thanks I'm thinking it might be nute burn also will stopping or slowing down the schedule for a bit cause any other problems possibly?
  4. I'm using ocean forest with some extra medium and a fert high in phosphorus can't remember the name so I'm hoping it's not the soil
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    Yeah I use ocean forest too. Good soil just oput it in fresh soil since the shits cheap anyways. And no it won't harm it especially when you take it down gradually

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