Leaves are yellow/brown!

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  1. Help! First time grower here and I have 7 plants going. 2-3 of them look amazing! But the other 3-4 don’t look so hot and I can’t understand why. I feel like I’m watering them ok for the exception of missing a couple days one time and the soil dried out pretty good. Not sure if that could cause the yellowing still since it was over a week ago. Any help would be much appreciated. I did just purchase big bloom food that will be going in tomorrow to give them more nutrients.
  2. Do you have pics under natural light? What light are you using? What medium are you growing in?
  3. upload_2019-8-27_20-8-3.jpeg

    All LED Lights in about a 4 by 5 room

  4. Ohhhh brother......have you been giving them any food?!?!?!
  5. What are you first thoughts on that? And what would have been some early signs?
  6. My first thoughts were....OHHH they look hungry......the yellowing of the leaves like that along with the "lifelessness" of the leaves.......as well as the poor size.....they are tall and lanky....but that's about it.....not "hating" on your plants OP.....just saying.

    If they had a better nutrient regimen and better lights.....it would be a completely different story.
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  7. I haven’t given them any food yet! Tomorrow will be the first day. I’m learning I didn’t know haha but the next cycle I’m planning on using tiger bloom and big bloom. Do you think that’s my problem?
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  8. Those plants are hangryy bro they a bunch of starvin Marvins. No nutrients is definately your problem. And ditch the plastic pots your next grow go for 5gal fabric pots itll be worth it.
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  9. I personally would upgrade my lighting too for the size space and amount of plants
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  10. I don't think those pots had any affect on it. Mine are in similar sized pots and doing well. I'm curious what size pots I'll end up using when I start my indoor.
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  11. Not that the pots caused any issues i just dont see why more people dont use them they are better for the plant
  12. The larger pot size or the pot material? I've got some big plants outside in 3 gallon pots, I'm wondering if 2 gallon will be big enough for my indoor plants that won't be vegging for as long, and I don't plan on growing them as big as the ones outside got.
  13. I CAN TELL!! LOL........im surprised they have made it this far......don't GO CRAZY with the nutes tomorrow though since they are starving....YOU REALLY WOULD LOSE THEM....probably burn the shit outta them
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  14. Pot material. Fabric pots are superior to solid plastic pots.
  15. Because the pots can breathe?
  16. Air pruning - branching of the roots, bigger root mass
    Better aeration, better drainage, better temperature regulation. Just better overall.
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  17. Thank you guys for your feedback I really appreciate it! I’ll give them a regular amount of the food tomorrrow whatever it says to do and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
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  18. Do not feed at the manufacturers suggested rate you want to start at 1/4 strength
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  19. Yes! All products seem to over-do it on the label. Especially if a plant has never had real nutes before, it could really shock them.

    It's always easier to slowly feed them the nutes. You could mic up a batch full strength, then dilute it for your first watering session, slightly less diluted on your next watering, etc etc. I've had to add store bought nutes to my plant twice because they werent' getting enough out of the tea and soil. First time I gave them about 3/4 strength and it immediately burned the tips. Second round several weeks later I gave them half strength and they responded well.
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