Leaves are turning yellow 911 need help

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  1. my plants are in the vegetative state and the bottom leaves are turning yellow anybody have advice or 411 im currently using Jobes 6.18.6 ferilizing spikes and a 100 watt lightbulb with a lightbox fixture its been growing fine until now plz help asap

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  2. What is your water source? pH of the soil?
  3. that looks like a nitrogen deficiency. what is your nutrient schedule? if your not adding any other nutrients then what came in the soil and in the spikes you might want to get some nitrogen to those roots or as a foliage spray.
  4. Im using tap water no ph tester if water may be the problem what can i do?
  5. only the 1 spke i put in the soil and it 6.18.6 npk
  6. how long have you had the spike in there? what type of soil is it? how often do you water?
  7. I water about once a day, never much but enough for the soil to stay moist. I keep it in a homemade box with a 100 watt light.

    The soil is regular potting soil. Something i just kind of had around the house already. I just put the spike in last night in hopes of a little boost.
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    ok well then the spike is probably helping and you just havent seen the changes yet. It will take a couple days. watch it and see if the new leaves are pale green/yellow. If they new growth starts turning darker and darker then you should be good to go. i have never used the spikes. not sure how good they work. IMO you should get some actual nutes and mix them for vegging and flowering.

    Plants need different nutrients in different stages of life. They also need much more then just NPK.

    If shit gets worse then its probably your water. your going to want to get some PH test strips or a meter to see where your ph is at. if your ph is off then it wont let the plant take in and nutrients. i water my plants with a ph of 6.2
  9. Thanks for the advice.

    Is a 100 watt light strong enough for a plant this size and could it be just low oxygen?

    Can i pick up a ph tester at ace hardware? Never seen one tbh.
  10. this is a cheap way to test your ph. And if you are not completely color blind it is fairly failsafe.

    pH Test Strips (pH 1-14) - 100/vial | pH & TDS Testing

    and the 100watt lightsource. what are the specs? is it a flouro? do you know the k rating of the bulb?

    generally speaking you want a "blue" spectrum for vegging and when you go 12/12 for flowering you want to add another "warm" or "red" spectrum light.

    incandecents are shit. CFL's are the way to go for a small grow op like yours.

    glad i can help.
  11. Are you using a regular 100W lightbulb? If so, no, that is not sufficient to grow anything with.

    if its a 100W CFL then yes, that would be sufficient for 1 plant, but you keep saying just a 100w light, so I am thinking a regular light bulb. Is this correct?

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