Leaves are turning different! HELP

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by S1lentWeeks, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Leaves are experiencing shitty results. I think its the pH but idk!!
    Please help.

    Nutes and stuff listed here.

    Roots organic.
    Bionicare ber growth SOIL.
    House insect repel.
    neem oil - einstein oil
    bat guano - Jamaican style.

    I heard the spraying to much cides' destroys the plants or makes them have a high or lower pH??!?!?!

    http://forum.grasscity.com/sick-pla...ble-disease-climate-problem-pest-problem.html <---- Original article with pics here. Thank you!
  2. hey, can you check the soil PH atall? thats ideally the first place to start working out issues, also has there been any bug problems with the grow? is that why neem oil & "House insect repel" has been used?
  3. I don't think insect repellent around plants is too healthy..?
  4. It's all organic repellants (I.E Garlic, plant extracts, etc) I just think the pH is getting too high or low?
  5. you need to test it m8 could be a good chance its off, cant really guess the PH

  6. Yeah I did have some Fungus Gnats, or regular Gnats in my soil. I transplanted them and no bugs since. Only problem is the leaves turning to a rust color.
    Many people say its the pH. I need to get that pH thing so otherwise what will happen to the plants?
  7. yea PH testing is very key to a good grow, without the tester you cant test the PH, if this is off as ppl susspect then this can quite easily kill your plant(quickly or slowly), if the PH is not right it stops certain nutes/minerals etc being taken in by the plant, hence its shows signs of deficences as it gets worse, hope that explains abit

    also if you no longer hav any bug problems id say leave the bug sprays for now

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