Leaves are sagging?

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    I just turned my lights off all night on my plants to try to start flowering them because I just stunted them yesterday. The lights had been off for about 18 hours and when I looked at my plants this morning, all the stems were starting to sag. The leaves were pointed towards the ground. Is this normal? does it just mean it's getting heavier or what?
  2. Your plant is sleeping because the lights were off:)

    It'll wake up.
  3. as soon as you turn on the lights theyll turn back towards the lights within hours.

    how many hours are you giving them darkness? flowering usually is 12/12
  4. Yea I'm going today to get an HPS light to start the 12/12 cycle. I just wanted to give them a little bit more darkness the first night because I had just stunted them and wanted to bring the budding as soon as possible, but I'm going to get an HPS now. Do they sell them at hardware stores or what? I need the bulb and something to put it in that plugs into my wall. Thanks.
  5. well. i dont think a hardware store sells them, order them online or buy them at a local grow shop

    you will also need a balast, not only the bulb

    also ive heard that giving them more dark for the first night is a good thing but i never found proof for it so i always do 12/12 from the beginning... maybe you have some information source?
  6. I just called Lowes Hardware and they said they carry up to 400w bulbs but only sell fixtures up to 150w. Would 2 150's be enough? Would 1 150 be enough? They're very stubby plants, started in an AeroGarden.

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