Leaves are hurting please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hayden2970, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. This has just kinda shown up over last couple weeks. I did install a new light recently of more power (first pic I post will be of #1 plant) #1 plant only has like one leaf showing these signs. The first pic I post will be of this plant. I mention this because I thought it could be heat stress but the plant right under light barely showing signs. The second plant. Plant #2 are showing alot of signs. Didnt know if it's a calmag or what to try. I did try calmag with last watering .

    I use fox farm ocean forest. Soil is like 6.2 I'm trying to raise it. Hard to believe it because I ph at 6. 8 but I havent been feeding nutes like once a week the fox farm tigerbloom and one other. It's the correct one. They are like 22 days into flower. The last few days I been working long hours temps have got to 98 i think one day leaves totally droopy . Happened like couple times. Do you think the heat could do it? Any ideas? 20190603_203843.jpg 20190603_203755.jpg 20190603_203742.jpg 20190603_203745.jpg

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