Leaves are curling and dying

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  1. I have the pictures in my profile, just put them in.

    I have 5 cfl all 26w, the plant was perfect for the first two weeks, so then i started the nuts, after about 4 days I had to leave and I let my girl water it, I think she fucked it up. So the pics tell it all. Idk if she over watered it or gave it to much nuts or underwatered it, so I gave it plain water for the next week, it helped a little but still is looking awful. Should i go back with the nuts, and I water it daily, so how much should I use if I do water it daily, I've gotten anywhere from 2tsp per gallon to just 1. A few leaves have died and so i cut them off. Any help would be awesome. Again the pics are in my profile photo gallery....
  2. I'm also using Fox farm soil too, I started giving it the nuts again but nothing is happening, can any one tell by the pics...please. There seems to be 0 to a little growth if that...any help would be great...
  3. Water schedule got fucked up... end of story. That's the cause.

    You're on the right track - when a plant dampens they dont eat from their root zone - causing them to yellow up and droop. They eventually recover IF they are NOT watered until the soil has completely dried out. So get her back on a good watering schedule and she'll begin feeding again.
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    Ok, thanks. Just to make sure, how long should I let the soil dry and after that should I start right away with nuts or should I go every other watering. Cause I do have plain water in a sprayer and nuts mixed it water in a seperate sprayer??

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