Leaves are Changing colors, HELP

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Legal_Larijuana, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. my journal

    if anyone can help i have some good pics of the leaves
  2. dude, honestly this board is the worst, not alot of help here, im not experienced by any means but i am dealing with very similar symptoms, oddly enough i fed my plants the exact same dose of nutes, i have some plants that at the time were about 2 weeks older than the little ones.. some how i fucked up and the bigger ones started getting yellow blotchy and the green stared to get spotty.. the little ones still are doing well, but the bigger ones look very similar to urs.
    this is what i did..
    i flushed the shit out of them, checked ph run off that was 5.6 too low
    checked ppm in run off it was 1900.. too high... i would asume i had some build up in the soil...
    i flushed and now have given them 1/2 strength nutes, and just watered straight ph 6.7 water last night. its hard cause the bigger ones obviously drink more than the little ones so im watering or feeding almost everyday..
    but anyway, the buds and tops are looking healthy, i am on another board and the guys there really helped me through it...
    another thing is tap water and ph levels i have been finding is very important.. ive been told so many diff things about ph in soil, some say 5.5 to 6.0 others say 6.5 to 7.. who do you believe.. the bible says 6.7 so thats what i am doing.. tweak your ph or flush them out good and go 1/4 to 1/2 nutes this is the advice i have been getting over on the other board.. those leaves will not turn back or look better its the new growth and your buds you need to keep an eye on.. good luck
  3. Is this not the exact advise I gave you last week on these very boards? What's the problem? Why stick around at a place you feel has no value to you?

    The real problem is that some people just weren't meant to grow things.

    The issue Legal Lari is having is a magnesium deficiency coupled with a lack of phosphorous. Worm castings are a good fix for both problems.

    Watch those sativas, Lari, they are pretty sensitive to nutrients.

    Ease up on the criticism, underboss. We can't all be here 24 hrs a day to answer your question the very minute you ask it.
  4. my apoligies man, i didnt mean no disrespect i just know when your new to growing i tend to panic.. i shouldnt have said that, i do thank you very much for your advice. i have been getting lots of good of advice from guys on here as well... just not as quick as some would like but its all valuable info..
  5. No problem, bossman.....it's all good. I'm trying to spend more time in this section....because if anything, I've made my share of mistakes in this funny little hobby of ours. :laughing:
  6. um yeah i have just been giving them tap water
    i usually buy a couple gallons of poland spring but now that they are getting big it will cost to much,when i gave them the bio-grow i sorta eyeballed and porbably did way moree that the 2 - 5 mls...
  7. Regardless of what people say, there is help here and from very experienced growers, if you do not get a quick reply, PM one of them. I know I always answer my PM's within a day or so of getting one.

    I do not think you have much to worry about. Are you keeping your PH in the 6.5-7.0 range? You can buy a inexpensive kit for about $15 that includes PH up & PH down along w/ testing solution. It does not give you exact readings, but you can dial it in pretty close by using the color chart. I use this and have never had a PH problem.

    The only thing I notice is the beginning of a possible secondary def. which using some cal/mag plus would take care of. I use it in all my grows, I go about 4 ml per gl even though it states to use 5 ml, I find the 4 ml does the job.

    Other than that your plants look quite healthy to me.


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