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Leave Society Behind.

Discussion in 'General' started by stoned budda, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Did you ever consider bugging out, just leaving society behind, abandoning any authority and living as a survivalist out in the wild. I've been pondering this for a while now. I know i could do it, i mean i have the knowledge. I just see this country as a dying patient with no chance of recovery. It never gets better only worst, freedom disappears and government gets bigger. I don't want to leave the country but i don't want to live in coexistence with the society that we have evolved into. Am i crazy
  2. I wanna go to canada and live in the wilderness and do just that.
    Be kinda cool living off the grid.
  3. ...all the fucking time...

    I've got about 20 acres in the upper peninsula of MI to build on when it comes time to hide in woods. Won't be long now.
  4. You really are polishing off that tin foil hat, aren't ya? :D

    I'm just kidding. My husband and I are saving to eventually buy some land in Belize. LOTS of land. With no neighbors. Maybe a few cabanas to rent out to tourists for some cash, but otherwise, just us. And our huge pot plantation, lol.
  5. I seriously need somebody to move to Alaska with me in the cabin my grandfather built. I went and found it in the woods this summer... would be much easier surviving with someone else.
  6. My #1 primary above all else goal in this life is to secure a tract of land upon which I can support myself and a lady, perhaps one child, as independent as can be. If I get lucky, I'd like for it to be large enough to support a few other small families, security in numbers.

    I just hope my life wasn't started too late to be able to accomplish this in time.
  7. stoned budda, it's not going to be that bad. :) Be more optimistic, if you can.
  8. anyone read the book into the wild...?
    this reminded me of that. you should read that shit stoned budda. so you know what not to do

  9. yeah... I dont plan on doing this though until the world actually goes to shit.
  10. Me and most of the people I associate me have had this idea for sure. You're not crazy. Some of us just aren't happy with the status quo here.
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    "1. i want to live on my own land, no country, nothing i just wanna live grow my own food, things like that, have like a little island of my own, where i can truly be free. no rules, no1 saying you CANT do that. i can just be me no pressures i can live let live, just be at peace, no money government bullshit. one day GC one day i want to do this"

    taken from my "what do you want more then anything" thread
    EDIT: and i do plan on doing this.
  12. Hello no, I want to get myself a chunk of land, & live secluded with my girl, have my own grow & just live life
  13. My friend I were talking about this the other day. Just doing your own thing, not have a single thing to worry about, or a single soul telling you what to do. Not having to live by the governments rules or anything like that.

    Then again, I like my bed, my toilet, and all that stuff.

  14. thats a wicked good idear

  15. these are my thoughts... you have stolen my plan, im going to cali and living in yosemite, already have the plan on paper and good to go, i got another year or so before im good, but its happening man lol

  16. im here when needed :D lol
  17. I thought I was the only one who wanted to do that
  18. i would be so down to do that

    like start a commune or something
  19. Well not really, I mean I thought about it and really what I would like is to live near a isolated place like that, but not live in one. I like people too much, just walking around town and starting up convos with people I've never seen before, I would miss that too much. But I would like to live near a place where I can just go to be alone, perferably the woods since there are none where I live and I love 'em.
  20. Wow man i surprised that others feel this way. I have some property in upstate Pa. but i want something more secluded from society. I want something more, i want to stay in the United States, but somewhere off the beaten path, some where where most of the world forgets exist, somewhere where forgotten by the law.

    My wife and i were talking about maybe taking a year off, renting our house, or letting the kids live there for free, and moving to Alaska or something and see if we like it. I mean if we like we can just stay and if we don't, move home.

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