Leave Justin Bieber ALONE

Discussion in 'General' started by dilatedmeatballs, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL7cDZ1Twrg

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  2. do you just use this site to advertise your garbage youtube channel? 
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  3. That's terrible!
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  4. 5/10
    This one was decent, I'm also questioning your sexuality. Seemed like you were having a little fun there wearing a wig and twerking.
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  5. I'll take My People's recommendation and just skip the video. :cool:
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  6. Can I haz the 10secs of my life back plz, cause that's what I only watched
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  7. haters in the buildin 
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  8. Dude. I wanna be your husband.
  9. Yet again. Truer words have never been spoken.
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  10. got bored after 1 minute. sorry bro., 
  11. you're not funny and you're worthless, go away
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    Like this guy. He recently just came out as bisexual and he was doing skits like that too. No offense, but a lot of people knew dude was gay.:
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    That's this guy.
    Takes balls to come out like he did.
    Edit: What did you post on my thread? It got deleted by the time I checked.
  14. Which one?
    About llllll banned.
  16. I think the last thing I said on that was that I wish I knew IIIIIII on here cuz everyone else did. I have no idea why it got deleted...
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  17. It's a thread questioning mod activity. Tons of blades have come and gone, OG's will remember Mushroomsatsuji, same thing happens every time, it turns into a bad meta thread or circlejerk. Also It's not that hard not to get banned.
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  18. yeah but lots of people here do like my videos, i guess people didn't like this one, sorry everyone!
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  19. Justin Bieber should leave us alone. Fucking noise pollution
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  20. I'm in a grump and I just want to see someone walk in there and lamp you one tbh.

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