Leave and sugar leave issues for autoflower

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  1. Can anyone give any pointers on how to fix these issues? I’m in week 2 flowering and sugar leaves are curling in. Also I’ve had leave issues for a while. Everything I read, showed I probably had nitrogen issues but I have fed the plants plenty of nitrogen and it still hasn’t gotten any better

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  2. I got nuthin sorry. what strain? someone will hopefully be along that may help. I think there saveable, didn't want to see ya left hanging. :passing-joint:
  3. Leaf curl is usually due to too much nitrogen; aka clawing.
    Flowering plants need less nitrogen.
    In fact, those autos! really idiosyncratic. You kinda need to drop the nitrogen prior to flower for some strains.
    I dropped mine to 4M:12B (modified Lucas formula) to back off the nitrogen.
    Pointers for Autos... check this post:
    Bato of the Systems
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  4. What nutrients are you using and at what ph, what's your medium of choice? How often do you feed. Have you checked your mediums ph and ppms? From pics I only see a couple or few curling tops I'd be more concerned about the nutrient burn and fading.
  5. Momma momma said be sure to use high quality h2o.

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