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  1. With a hoodie underneath, Classy or not classy? I'm looking into getting one cause I think they're cool, but what's your opinion?
  2. really depends on the style. i've seen some bad ass ones but ive seen some fail ones!
  3. Eminem reps that shit good, I say go for it :cool:
  4. It depends on the color of the jackets. Black leather with a grey hoodie would work, but like a red hoodie underneath would make you look like a crack head.
  5. I'd probably only rock black on grey, I don't really like crazy hoodies so I wouldn't get red.
  6. u can get em with the hood sewn on although mine is a leather hood but i love it got it 70% off it was 300 down from a grand
  7. I have never been fond of that look, no idea why.

    Actually one of my favorite looks on a guy is engineer boots, well broken in but not ripped jeans that actually fit [not hanging off ones ass, worn properly with a nice belt] and a dress shirt tucked in, long sleeves rolled up to the forearms in the summer, with a basic black leather jacket in the winter.

    I think this is probably my favorite jacket style
  8. Doesn't sound "classy"...isn't classy like a collared shirt and a velvet blazer or somethin?
  9. When i think leather jacket I think of this:



    Here's the leather jacket hoodie combo done right (just be sure to have a tee shirt underneath haha)

    Unfortunately, most guys end up looking like this:



    When it comes to something as badass as leather, fit matters. Otherwise you'll end up looking like the chumps in the last two photos:D
  10. Not always, frequently 'classy' can be described as looking like someon eon the cover of a glamor magazine, or a model in a catalog.
    The jacket on the first picture looks like it is 2 or 3 sizes too small. Leather looks like shit on men when it is skin tight. The boody needs to look like it can move without squeeking. Second one is ok, third one is too small again, he cant even close it across his body. Nothing wrong with the bottom 2 guys.

    And the guy with the bare chest leather jacket and sweats? Dude show your woman the respect of dressing up like you haven't just rolled out of bed and decided to show up for a booty call, how disrespectful. Is all she is good for dipping your cock?
  11. Are you really inventing a life story for a picture and criticizing it? Jesus Christ I'm glad I'm not a female.
  12. LOL, pretty sure the guy you're referring to is Michael Phelps, the Olympic athlete with the "Golden" lungs. :D

    I'm also pretty sure that his "pose" there and lack of clothing was related to the fact that he walks around almost naked for most of his job anyway.

  13. Believe me, you can move in those jackets. They look small, but trust me they don't limit movement that much. I own one. I can cross my arms fine, zip it up without it being a problem, but it still fits like a glove. And I get a lot of compliments on it. The bottom two guys look like cheaply dressed slobs IMO.

    Sure the average guy would look like an ass if he wore a skin tight leather jacket. This look is kind of more reserved for the athletic body type.
  14. I am an athletic body type, i work out consistently and have low body fat, but i am still not going to wear a skin tight leather jacket. I don't like wearing skin tight clothing, especially leather, thats just my preference.

    If i were to wear a leather jacket i would probably get one similar to this. [​IMG]
  15. In my opinion definitely not. I got a leather jacket as a present last Christmas. It was probably pretty expensive but I am too embarrassed to wear it-- I feel like I would be in Happy Days or something :rolleyes:
  16. Leather is death!!!!!

  17. See that's a badass jacket. And I'm not saying skin tight, but slim. That jacket looks a bit on the slim side as well. The point is the elimination of excess fabric where you don't need it. I'm all about optimization, from clothes to computers. :smoke:
  18. A like ones with a little more 'street style' -- my girl got me this one for xmas.

  19. Fuck leather!


    Go HEMP.
  20. I wouldn't rock that look.
    Its too hot for a leather jacket in FL anyhow which sucks cause I have always wanted a bomber jacket.

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