Least irritating ways to smoke?

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  1. I just recently started smoking the green, and let's just say I love it. But my only problem is I have asthma and I find that most methods of smoking irritate my lungs and throat. I think it's mostly the heat of the smoke, and maybe some ash or impurities. I found that the only method so far that doesn't make me cough is a bong. What are some other methods to try? I'm considering buying a small bong or bubbler to tale with me when I smoke, but how harsh is a bubbler? I've never used one.

  2. Bong would cool it down. But definitely check out some vaporizers, or you could get the best of both worlds and vaporbong

  3. I would really like to get a vaporizer but I'm 19 and still live with my parents who don't know i smoke and i don't think they would approve either, so blowing that kind of money isn't exactly feasible … I don't think making space cakes would go over too well either!
  4. Well if vaping is out of the question I'd say bong's your best bet if you'd already tried it and you find it easier on your lungs :) Just get yourself a nice small glass bong and you're set :)
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    The one I smoked was acrylic. What's the difference between the glass ones and acrylic? Is one better than the other?
  6. I have some scar tissue in my lungs that causes asthma in certain situations and makes me cough like mad if I smoke certain ways, but I've found ways around it. Bongs definitely help, and strangely bongs with ice catchers seem to make the biggest difference for me.

    Most of my friends smoke blunts though, and regular blunts will make me cough until I get sick. I've learned to roll these super tight blunts, so tight that none of my friends even like smoking them. I break up the weed until its nearly powdery, then I cut as much paper off the blunt as I can, and roll the weed around in there until its compressed enough that you cant squeeze it. Slow hits followed by a sharp inhale of just air, and I'm usually fine.

    Hope it helps
  7. EDIBLES. they will knock you the fuck out. But you will be high for like 7hours and not have to smoke at all
  8. Ayyy bro i feel your pain. Ive been an asthmatic since i was 3. Try out a bong it really helps and it doesnt give you that tight feelin in your air way after a hit like a pipe does. It use to be bad for me but now the weed actually helps my asthma. Go for a nice cheap bong.
  9. A vape through a bubbler is the smoothest IMHO. Warm water.
  10. Check out a portable vape. Smaller than a bong, runs around the same price as a decent bong. As far as bubblers, they aren't as effiecient as a bong, really depends on side. I would recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box. One of the most popular vapes on the market and it's pretty small with a decent price, around $90.
  11. As like what the others say, just get a vape. The VapeGenie is a goodbuy. Vaporizing is Completely healthy. Does not hurt your lungs at all.

    If you wanna get high, and not even smoke, I suggest even making a tincture. Pretty easy to do. tinctures are amazing.
  12. You need a vape bro. A MFLB at the very least is $75 and you have it for life. Bongs are harsh even for healthy lungs.
  13. a good old billy
  14. MFLB is good but the batteries that it come with aren't. They only last a few months before they don't hold charge.

  15. Lol well thanks for all that but I wouldn't ever buy one myself. But OP needs something least irritating and that's the cheapest and that's the MFLB - he is hesitant on investing the money.

    I still vote MFLB. You won't be disappointed by a vape. And those batteries are only a few bucks to replace anyway. Plus you could always buy the wall adapter.
  16. Vaporgenie looks pretty promising, especially at the price. Now I just have to find a parent proof way to order it! Haha.
  17. Found a friend who is letting me get it delivered to her house. Just ordered a vapor genie: )

  18. get a magic flight launch launch box. portable, VERY EASILY concealable, and they give smooth, effective hits. Even a box vape for $100 would work if you have a door to your room and a window you could exhale out of
  19. Have fun, my man :smoking:I need to invest in a good vape, soon... And a good bong... Don't have the spare cash at the moment though, just trying to get through school :(

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