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Least harmful rolling papers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BGfuture, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I have been on a search to find the least harmful rolling papers for u. I have found that rice papers unbleached n with no extra chemicals r a lot less harmful as well as pure hemp papers also unbleached with no other chemicals r less harmful. However I need to know between the two which are less harmful rice papers or pure hemp papers both unbleached. If neone knows plzzz let me know id rly appreciate it. Thanks fellow stoners and may Mary bless u.
  2. raws rolling paper
  3. I don't like smoking em, but you're looking for RAWs.
  4. OCB's hemp rolling papers ftw.
  5. Prolly raws or elements
  6. raws are cool, but elements seem to be the thinnest paper i have come across.
  7. raw

    but i can only get e-z wider in my area... which is absolutely ridiculous
  8. I reckon RAW's mate? Cause they're made from hemp and not wood :)
  9. King Size Raw Slim's and Raw Perforated Tips. Smoothest J ever and pure hemp + bud
  10. raws :) because there all natural nd arent bleached and also marleys because there made outta pure hemp leaf no tobacco (i think)

  11. ugh i hate those lol
  12. RAW Rolling Papers, made from hemp
  13. I just tried Smoking Brown papers, they are pretty nice, maybe not as nice as some Raws, but they make it up for it in manageability.

    Organic Raws would get my bet.
  14. Blunts for sure
  15. RAWs and Elements. Elements are bleached though, and also slightly rougher, making them easy to roll. I smoke em both.
  16. No rolling papers are really gonna do much harm to you
  17. [quote name='"lilro"']RAWs and Elements. Elements are bleached though, and also slightly rougher, making them easy to roll. I smoke em both.[/quote]

    If you like elements I would try Smoking Brown papers, their really thin unbleached rice papers.
  18. RAWs for sure. I also read on a package of Elements that when they burn all they produce is caramelized sugar. So that seems decently healthy.

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