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  1. ok my freind is growing, we are like close freinds i can just walk in his house and chill...

    what ever but im unemployed and same as my freind and we cant really aford a good set up but we wanna grow it with out buying abunch of stuff more like keeping it next to a window or i was thinking about using this desk light 12 volt and twenty watt.

    hes also gonna put like 4 plants behind his garage where its hidden well actuly but im worried about the sun light its about 2-4 feet cant really remeber but the sun will have to be right above the plants and might leave it witha hour of light

    any sudgestions that are cheap

    where only looking for some cron to smoke it dosnt have to be amazin it just has to get us high :smoking:lol
  2. i think the best thing in your case would be to use the lighting that you have, or possible sell something you don't use any more (an old posession of some sort) to buy another - remember to read the growing manual in this forum before doing it, once it's grown; sell half of it, smoke the other half & with the money you've got from selling it, buy the proper lighting equipment. Then you're free to grow some nice bud.:smoking:

  3. well i get money just not much if i get this and smoke it for like a month or two for both of us to get through it all and then we can save our money for like a hps light and some fans and shit
    make some better Kron
  4. man i just set up and operation with nothing. i spend 50 bucks canadian, i bought 2 2900lumens lightbulbs "cfls" (13.99 each) at canadian tire, some miracle grow soil and ultra bloom, its well worth the 50 bucks after 2 days of putting the new bulbs on i can notice huge change
  5. well ionno i already got one planted that has a light on the shelf but i was only keeping it by the window and it was growing like a motha fo its about 10cm tall i think or maybe less iim too baked to go look lol but umm bak to da point its been growing for a week now and is taller then these pot growing movies and stuff so ionno i think i got some fricken mutated monster seeds lol
  6. Growing MJ takes effort and (esp. indoors) money. There are ways to be smart and economical about it, but the heart of your question runs contrary to doing it right.

    Generally the cheaper and easier the set-up the lower your chances of a successful grow and decent yield.
  7. if youre too baked to look at your plant its probably a best idea is not to grow at all, ive tried before and failed this is my first serious grow and i only ended up with one female but it looks great and is very healthy, your plant may be growing big by the window but without proper car and lighting it will soon enough get so tall and skinny it will just fall over and die. it needs its nutrients and light to grow, especially if you want quality bud, which you should. dont take advice from me though im a first at plants in this stage ive never made it this far before but ive researched alot. spend the 50 bucks man
  8. well if it dies oh well i tried but i have been putting it under the light for longer peroids of times then put it by the window with the light on during the day

    i dont mind if the weed aint that great and smaller yeilds im looking for a low effort way and i might get a hps light or somthing if this grow is secsessful and a fan system ect...
  9. yea but if it a regular household bulb it doesnt matter how much you put it under there i dont think, im pretty sure they dont do shit to your plant beside put out heat. go to canadian tire. its 13.99 for one bulb get a 5 dollar fixture hang it from ur celing to 3 inches from ur planta nd gradually move it up as the plant grows. thats 20 bucks cant get much cheaper
  10. hmmm dat is kindive cheap have to like save up 20 instead of blowin it on a 20 sak lol
    ill try lol but when its starting to grow it dosnt need dat i dont think
    i thnk th lights i have is a florecene one so i think thats good for now
    ok ill try to get dat in like next week or two
  11. i think if you want to do it your way, the cheap way and not really care about it or research , you should just try to transplant it outside. get it growing naturally , it would turn out way better than off of household bulbs. once ur plant starts to grow u cant start budding with bulbs like that no way
  12. well the only place i can do thats stelth like outside is behind the garage
    so i dont know about outside well i think we want to but half like a small grow box outside wit light for it
    when its bigger
    and one inside to see what grows best
  13. ok ima give a update one of his plantes is starting to grow 20 cms that is under a light and his other one is outside and is about 10 cms and the leaves are bigger then the indoor one

    but one thing that is weird is it looks like theres another plant growing its like a cm big but me and him put one seed in dar and its growing some next plant and i rember taking the plant outof this old soil i first planted it in and planted it in some new soil when it was about 5-10 cms tall and this plant is comming from no where its trippin me out lol
  14. Hey, I havent read the whole thread cuz im tapped for time, but, you sound like your in the same position as me. and I wanna say, you can grow nice buds for real cheap...if your just growin for the hell of it, and it sounds like you are because you want to grow next to a window. You can just go out and buy a couple 100w daylight flourescent bulbs...get a small reflector...all from menards...for about 20 bucks. Then you go to the closest flower shop and get any bag of soilless mix and a bag of perlite...and a couple pots with saucers. Mix the soillessmix(70%) with perlite(30%) and then germinate some seeds...when you got some sproutage put the little guy in the soilless mix and wait....have them 2 100w flouro's on them and you'll get the plants vegging nicely. Under those lights...wait till they are about 1 foot tall to flower...about a month. Then flower them. Except...look for a job while they are growing...then get a job and with your pay check...buy a 400w HPS bulb from INSIDESUN.COM....put that over them and change the light scedule from 16/8 to 12/12....you'll have nice smoke man...nice smoke....make clones too. Find out how...and spend another 100 bucks on the gel and a hot house...not even 100...thats just how much i paid...and then grow clones...you could have nice buds for way cheap. hope this helps.
  15. well the main reson we dont wanna spend alot of money in growing is because there are otehr people that live at his house dat dont know and might call da cops on him if htey find out or might be completly cool wit it lol

    but if they find out or other people find out then we gotta cut it down and it would be a wast if we just paid for a hole set up
    we are planning on getting a cautige together with one or two ore freinds and grow dar but dats a while

    what about these light bulbs i can get these for free PHILIPS MARATHON ENERGY SAVER 15 WAT =60 WAT
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  17. I have a question? Can I grow with just the bulb and without the reflector that cmes with the whole lighting system?

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