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Learning what strains are most effective for treating x,y,z is great. but how do you find them?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by budbudgoose, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. what do you guys use to find weed?

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    lol, pretty much the whole world does, but i don't know why they stay there. what makes you keep using their site?
    because dispensaries will put up crazy discount and deals exclusive to weedmaps and they give you free shit for leaving a few words and giving them a rating. pretty simple math. large quantities of dankness for next to nothing in cost!
    i've never been to a dispensary that gave me more than an 8th of free weed as a FTP. I got some pretty sweet deals tho, but almost every dispensary has FTP deals with or without weedmaps. 
    and most areas where I am there are no PHYSICAL dispensaries, it's all legal deliveries.
    but heading more deeper into L.A. there are more clubs/shops available.
    all of which offer way better discounts from weedmaps than just walk-in FTPs.. just saying.
    this is all interesting.
    i used to sign up for a new shop each time i picked up to take advantage of these FTP deals that say "Mention weedmaps and blah blah blah", but kinda grew tired of picking a new spot, registering, and being disappointed. reviews and rating on weedmaps mean nothing...
    so do you only look for dispensaries with these deals? are they the ones that have all those huge banners and ads and big ass map markers?
    no, as I said, shops are rare, almost non-existent in my area.. so to keep in touch with medical-only growers (i don't deal with non-medical suppliers ever) and they are really chill people. they come over to my pad, show me everything they had on their menu online, hell they give me free shit all the time. I don't even have to leave my home! shits bomb 100% of the time and I get amazing deals. one of these guys  I go through, on your 10th visit you can choose a free 1/4 oz of any flower or 2g any wax/concentrate, OR if you don't want either of those he'll pay for your medical recommendation renewal and give you a free gram of flower.
    and they hook u up because you mention weedmaps?
    i feel like drivers will do this for you anyway once you develop a relationship with them. mentioning weedmaps only gets you one or two deals in the beginning, but they dont care after that. they dont continue you reward you for coming from weedmaps. that's just from being a regular. 
    once again, that's a false assumption.
    they give free prerolls/grams/edibles every single time. they even pick up food for you if you want. shits great.
    i have 0 issues with them. and it does make a difference with weedmaps because if you just hit them up sometimes the drivers have no idea what promos are going on because they're new or i just haven't met them yet. it ends up with you donating less $ and they give more medicine to you.
    a buddy of mine grows part time for one of them and says they give free ounces and huge discounts to old timer vets
    quite a few even have repeat customer rewards like the one i mentioned above.
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    No thanks officer
  12. 0P is really just here to promote his website.
  13. because they are the only ones that update thier site. All the other weed search engines have dispensaries listed from years ago. Those dispensaries are all closed down now. And yet others do not have a menu of products. They need some competition. This is a democracy not a tyrannical rule. But nobody steps up to the plate and weedmaps has it all in the palm of thier hand.
    well that and research. doesn't hurt to see what people are using besides weedmaps. they have so much dominance but it's really buggy and i'm curious why people stay there.
    I would love a healthy competition to weedmaps. I do it because it's convenient to use (location function and every medical place has something listed) because it's updated regularly, because it's frequented by other people, because I also can't just walk down the street and find a place (only have deliveries around here) and for some deals. 
    I hate that it's glitchy, that they only post testing from their labs, that they really only care about the dispensaries as far as they have paid for their subscription and that it's filled with tools who don't care about anything other than fire.
    Other than that, it's just Google I use, and search for places with their own site. None of the other dispensary locators seem reliable -like others have said, usually the places are closed, because it was a free listing, or there's no menu or pricing. I'm not driving two hours round trip when I don't have pics, pricing or recent updates. I've used Yelp at times too. 

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