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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DerekCA, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Im looking to start growing my own cannabis for personal use. Ive been looking online and was thinking about buying a Hydroponic grow box for around $500 for 2 plants. Im wondering are there any other ways to do it discreetly? Ill be putting the setup in my closet which has no circulation and im in an apartment complex, am i screwed? Id also like the smell to be kept to a minimum. any advice id appreciate thanks
  2. hello mate, if your gonna start growing do baby steps mate, don't do the same mistake i did, i started with aero and fcked up 2 grows, that's 20 bagseeds (200$).

    My advice is just start with light soil mix see how u're doing and then try thinking abt hydro
  3. so just a soil light and fan grow? get my feet wet. any books or dvds you'd recommend im trying to educate myself before i do this i dont wanna grow ass
  4. no air and the plant wont grow you will need some sort of fresh air also for minimizing the smell you will need a good exhaust system with a carbon filter and a fan.
  5. how much $ is a good exhaust fan? How much $ will i need to get started i have a budget of around 600-700
  6. that would be plenty!!!! you can make a decent grow are with that amount of cash
  7. im really worried about the smell i want to be as discreet as possible
  8. just make sure you invest in a good carbon filter which is usually about 50-200 depending on your size of grow. the fans are usually a little more expensive than the filter. here is what my list w/ prices looks like..

    filter 175$
    exhaust fan 195$
    5x5x7 tent 270$
    1000w hps 300$
    then still need buckets, soil, ferts, ro water filter, ph tester, thermometer w/ humidity measurement.

    so my cost is going to be about 1500 for everything, to upgrade from what i have. 700 would be a good budget for a smaller grow though, just depends on what your looking for.

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