Learning how to make hash

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  1. Would love some help on making some hash
  2. so what do I do when of I want to use some sweet bud? I'm believing you Know how? Let's do it
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    what should I have I have fresh and frozen
  4. So do you know how I got some stuff is just love to turn into hash
  5. so how do I turn bud into nice brown hash
  6. Search.

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    All I did to get what I got is run and get some 91% ISOPROPYL alcohol, clear alcohol. No color or perfume in it, just water and alcohol. I took that and took my schwag that I was given, stored them both in the freezer, and did 30-40 second 'rinses' of alcohol before running it through a strainer and milk filter. It was rinsed a little longer than it should've been once again, but this time I got MUCH better quality than I usually did.
    Oh, and I evaporated it in a glass dish on top of a cheap heater that doesn't get the dish very hot, so it's like 90 farenheit.
  8. was hoping this was my instruction to making hash
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    Lol.  I bumped the thread so others would see it bro. But if you want to make hash, there are more detailed guides online.  Do a simple google search.  The simplest methods involve using an isopropyl alcohol solution to boil out the tch/cannabinoids out from the mass into the alcohol solution(low heat), straining out the vegetable matter, then further boiling off/evaporating the alcohol to leave(in theory)a purer smokable substance.  Look up the youtube videos for specifics. 
  10. Look on YouTube the best way I find and easy way, would be the ice bucket method.

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