Learning a new language.

Discussion in 'General' started by TranceKid, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey Blades, I am fluent in English and Spanish and I just started self teaching myself Dutch a few days ago. Any Blades in here fluent in dutch? :)
  2. No, but Im really wanting to learn a new language. I have a few things to teach me, but I cant pick which one to learn first
  3. are you using rosetta stone?
  4. Yeah, I went out and got the Language pack 1 for my mac. Its not too difficult so far but I'm not scoring 100%....Usually 85-95%. :eek:

    I'm gonna be staying in Holland for a while and thought I'd at least get a little familiar with the language so I won't look like an ignorant American. :D
  5. Try sign language XD so much fun

  6. No Dutch. :(
  7. I'm sure you can use that Dutch in Holland! Even though, English is taught everywhere over there as a second language...
  8. Well, but I want to try to get around with at least a little bit of dutch. Know what I mean? :smoking:

  9. :hello:
  10. good luck my man. i speak fluent spanish and english too. however, french didnt work out too well for me lol
  11. I'm trying to learn French currently.
  12. i wanna try to learn spanish but im cheap and dont wanna pay for rosetta stone :p
  13. If you're in the USA it would be a huge plus for a job if you're bilingual in English and Spanish. Trust me on that!:hello:
  14. oh i know! where im at we have alot of Hispanic people so it would help out a ton.
  15. I speak Dutch; albeit not fluent Dutch.

    It is quite a challenge to learn! Vocabular seems similar to English at first, but you will soon realize that isn't the case. And if I was you, I would go right now and get levels 2 and 3.

    The Dutch speak very good English, and if you will be living in a big city, they might just respond to you in English if they notice you have a thick accent.

    But I would definitely encourage you to learn it! Try to speak to people in Dutch, watch lots of Dutch TV, read the newspaper.. Whatever it takes! After a couple of years you'll fit right in with the Dutch! They are very impressed and pleased when a foreigner attempts to learn the language!

    The best thing to do is just make a huge effort to learn as much as you can!

    Here's a little Dutch conversation ;)


    Hoe gaat het? (Pronounced: Who khaat hut?) (How are you)
    Goed! Dankje! En je/U? (Good! Thank you! And you?) (Je = informal U = formal)

    Ik ben goed, maar ik ben moe. (I am good, but tired!)

    Tot siens!
    Tot siens! (Bye!)
  16. Thanks for the advice!
    I could read and understand most of what you said without the translation but yeah there are some words I'm kinda :eek: on. I usually do Rosetta Stone for about 2 hours a day to help learn and so far I'm picking it up okay, but could be better..:rolleyes:
  17. How much is Rosetta stone? Is there anything similar but free? I want to learn Spanish, but I don't really want to spend money lol. I can speak French too
  18. Rosetta isn't cheap but I find it worth it to be honest. It makes me feel confident learning the language and I'm please with my progress so far. It is very easy to use, easy to understand and really helps you learn.

    Level 1 pack is $180. Level 1 - 3 pack is $380 and Level 1-5 is $480
  19. I've always wanted to be fluent in another language, thinking about getting Rosetta Stone, but that shit is expensive. Has anybody ever used it and is it good?

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