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Learned my lesson.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickM420, May 11, 2010.

  1. As some of you may have remembered, I made a thread a while ago about how I went to the movies, and make a complete ass of myself in front of everybody. At that time, I wasn't thinking clearly, and I wasn't respecting the herb. I decided to take a 2 week T-break that ends today. I also just successfully got off probation!! Congrats to me. I have learned to respect mary jane, use her responsibly, and I am going to try to be intelligent about getting high from now on. So in case I gave you a bad impression of myself in the last thread, (I don't remember it much) I want to tell people I'm regretful and I've learned a valuable lesson. Also check out the Sex & relationships section in about 15 mins, I'm going to be posting something I need help with.

    Peace and good Vibes to my fellow tokers!
  2. bahahahaha cooooooooool. :D
  3. I remember that thread.
    I am glad you have learned something.
  4. whether you learned your lesson or not has yet to be determined... we shall see how you are in future threads...
  5. Well, here's to your new direction and respecting mary jane! Don't toke past what you can handle. I really hope you have learned that lesson. Good luck and Happy Tokin',

  6. can you send me a link to the original story?
  7. Yeah, link old thread por favor
  8. I'm not sure 100% if this is the same guy, but I think he might be the guy that went to the movie theater with some chick blazed and he went up to the counter to get a drink and popcorn and started buggin out then the manager came to look at him and he started dancing around (probably bloodshot eyes as hell), haha.

    if it is, how did you learn your lesson? did the chick you were with stop returnin your calls and you saw her out with another guy? lol im just messin with you bro.
  9. I was thinking movie theater with the goth comments!?:eek:

    Hope you are on track now.:cool::smoking:
  10. Don't worry about it, I know I was like that around when I first started. The more you smoke, the more you learn to control the high chill out rather than get crazy like you did. All is forgiven as far as your impression goes I'm sure, I doubt anyone even remembered that thread. I remember seeing it like 2 weeks ago I think, but I would never have remembered it was your username if you hadn't posted this.

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