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Learn to say no

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MegaSwirl, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. The other day I was calling my dealer to pick up an ounce, and he told me the price for his current shit was 325. I asked if he could do 300 and he said no. So, I told him I would go else where to buy my ounce. Right after our conversation he texts me saying 300 will work.
    Lesson learned: Don't always give in to your dealers price. Remember it became 300 or no dollars, so the choice was easy i guess. Don't always take your dealers price.
  2. He probably just took out a few grams and then lowered the price. I'd be sure to weigh that shit out before I paid. I guess this is good advice if you're not friends with your dealer but I know plenty of people that would pay a little extra if their guy said it was worth it, cause they know their connection would never fuck around. Good job on getting the price you wanted though, I understand where you're coming from, some guys just want to make an extra buck off you if they think you're a sucker.
  3. Shit as long it under 350 I don't give a fuck if it 345 and I'll still buy it as long it look dank. I don't have time to argue bout the price or leave the trails on the phone. Eventually he'll drop the price to 300-320 if I keep buying it from him for awhile.
  4. Damn cant even find an O here for less than 350 and thats like a deal you have to jump on. usually 400.
  5. Well done mate!
    And yh what the other guy said, did you weigh it? He could have took some out and laced it with glass or something out of spite
  6. I think anything over $280/0 is pricy. I normally pay $200 -$220 for a zip of dank, and it gets scaled right in front of me too (which is a must) :smoke:
  7. You americans are so lucky, for dank we get £20 for max 1.5 grams :mad:
  8. depends who you know but thats definitely a standard.....fucking worms
  9. Haha I know, I can get 2 grams of something less dense than dank but with seeds for £20 though

  10. Haha im in Canada dude! :Smoke: :D
  11. Haha your lucky! People there are educated!

  12. Same here, I wouldn't pay more than $250 for an ounce unless it was from a dispensary or something. I pick up half o's for $100 usually. :smoke:
  13. Im in Oregon and I just bought an ounce of some super dank Blueberry for 170 I thought that was overpriced.
  14. I dont understand how some people here pay like 400$ for an once of weed. Where i live i can get an ounce of hash for that money.
  15. I couldn't imagine ever paying over $280 for an ounce ever again. When I lived in Idaho dealers charge $300 most of the time, but some cock suckers will try to charge $350-$400 just because it's "trainwreck" which unless a person is growing, we never really know the strain.

    Here in Montana I'm usually charged $250 for an ounce.

  16. Woah! I get a gram for £10, untill you get to higher amounts then the price gets shaved. I can get an ounce of good weed for £250, I very rarely buy that much in one go though.

  17. Truth man, I've talked dealers down like 50$ and realized like 2 G's were missing.
  18. I just bought 18g for $220 today.

    Some fire bud, I would have like it for $200 but it was my only option.

    $220 or no bud for weeks.
  19. You should hang out with him a few times, and once you guys are pretty tight he'll cut you deals and such. :p
  20. maybe its just me but 300 seems high for an O. i get mine really dank for 225 an ounce...

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