Learn to glassblow from two amazing teachers But when can I branch out for pipes?

Discussion in 'General' started by Live_Life, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Hey blades my question is when would I be able to branch out into pipes? A little background, I live in Florida and I've been looking into getting into glassblowing. Currently a college student working a normal job and could really use a craft to learn as a hobby and possibly move up from there. A family friend of mines brother was a very big glassblower and lived in Japan for 30 years doing so, he's coming to Florida to open up a unique type of glassblowing shop. It's going to be very nice and modern looking with a glass gallery, glassblowing shows, glassblowing workshops for kids, classes, the whole 9 yards it's going to be amazing. Well he's opening up the shop with some guy he worked with many times (forgot his name but I'll come back) and he's one of the top glass blowers in the world so they were saying. What an amazing opportunity to learn how to glassblow and for a ridiculously cheap price since I'm a family friend, but I was wondering when would I be able to branch out to pipes?

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