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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by agrarBG, May 10, 2004.

  1. I'm from Bulgaria and hire the electricity... you know MONEYyyy now i wonder what spectrum of light for fast flawering?Maybe Blue with Green or?Magnesium is the best but i WANT MORE.Naw my plant are about 1,5-2inch and i can start in your way!!! if you putt calcium in 1st or 2nd week the plant will be FAT=>big buds=>-time&+kilos.(I want to growing plant-bud).10x FOR HELPING.(excose me 4 my english:))

  2. For flowering, the best spectrum of lighting would be in the red zones, warm white fluoroescents or the HID version, High Pressure Sodium lights are the most commonly used lights for flowering.

    The blue tones are best during the vegetation stage.

    As for the magnesium, this is nothing but a trace element that helps plant growth in moderation. Calcium is commonly used to raise the pH in soil, and if used too heavily, it could easily kill your plants.

  3. Heve you ever tried to experiment with 'Ca' and 'K' if you want your plant get 'FAT' go on and try something with ROOTS(make your roots visible over the top of thesoil ).THIS IS MY EXPERIMENT AND I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REACTIONS.;)))) i my case it's works incredible
  4. Sounds like a nice experiment.. for someone else to try. I'll stick with my current methods for now. :)

  5. The best advise l can give at this stage is to read a few grow guides.Work out the way ya wanna grow .Then ask questions.:D. Also use the search we have here ,its very helpful.

    Welcome to our grasscity community :D
  6. yes.....interesting!

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