Leaning plant during flowering

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Ryandep6, Oct 23, 2022.

  1. My plant has started to lean over, is this okay ? Its well into flowering. image.jpg

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  2. She will probably lean more and possibly fall over. Lots of weight packing on. May need to stake it or find some way to keep her upright.
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  3. Garden Centers will have packs of Bamboo stakes of various lengths for a few dollars or hunt up a stake from the neighbors yard. :)
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  4. shit thats a nice plant next grow use a larger container and use those 4 ft plastic green stakes from home depot or amazon
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  5. dont chop early you have about 8 ounces there
  6. called phot morphizm..leaning into the light ...all plants do it,
    but you kind fixed it with the steel wire attached to the trunk
    bend wire to the oppo direction???

    a nice grower might wrap kitchen foil around that white translucent 'pot'\
    to stop light getting at the roots
    clean kitchen too, unlike my place

    good luck
  7. Stake it up for sure, weight of the buds will topple it or cause breakage.

    Something that can help that from happening especially if you can freely move the pot and plant. Is to rotate the plant weekly so all sides are getting the sun evenly. Usually will help keep the plant from tilting to one side like that.

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  8. Cheers guys, im in the uk. Growing out doors. Weather is turning now. Hopefully it will be done soon. I have put some stakes in, tied some with fishing line. I do rotate pot, i work during the day so bit tricky during day.
  9. Has anybode got any idead what the plant might be called, strain? Is it a autoflower??

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