Leaning Over Forever (NUDITY)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by tabou21, May 10, 2003.

  1. Here is my latest picture.if your under 18 ...look away......anyway hope you like.....let me know what your thinkin.spend some time with me, friend.

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  2. it's nice but isn't that railing she's on kind of cold?

    j/k :D

    good job, keep it up
  3. Lookin good man, 3d max?

  4. im using bryce and poser.thanx for the compliments.
  5. nice... you've got some skills. keep up the good work
  6. i like it alot. That is really beautiful. The only thing is I don't like her boobs. Sorry, but they look like she has implants or they are too pointy. I guess I just don't like fake tits.
  7. damn cool.

    good colours, good composition, good subject matter ;), good use of the software... btw, did you do the hair all in poser? or did u use some photoshop skills?
  8. very cool, just one criticism, the hand on the rails look like they aint holding it, but if thats all i can say about it must be damn good

  9. the hair was done in photoshop.good call.
  10. awesome

    i can't do humans, or other animals. except fish.

    the textures on the 3D bit looked kinda' flat, but the rest, outstanding!
  11. I like this a lot... I think the hair maybe could have been a different color and that would have improved it - but thats no big deal. My only suggestion would be to make her sitting on something else or somehow more balanced on that pole... its a weird position :: were you trying to make it look like she might be falling? Amazing work though, I love it!
  12. Of course it's cold look her nips are hard lol
  13. Thats phat. I like the hair.
  14. wut up with her boobs... they r really triangular and pointy...
  15. good work man, thats excellent, i couldnt do something like that in a 100 years with the worlds best software.

    only problem, shes sitting too far forwards! she's gonna be falling, not leaning, pretty darn soon ;)
  16. Yeah nice one m8.
  17. Jesus christ, how do u guys draw that, how long it take, omfg, do u do it like pixel by pixel or what, ive never done

    LOOK AMAZING, the best i can do is maybe Drwaing a box in mspaint (ITS FUCKING HARD, TRY IT)
  18. THANKS

  19. Download poser, has charectors you can pose.

  20. but, but, but...

    THAT'S CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!

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