leaky acrylic bong

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  1. I've got a wonderful acrylic bong with a lot of sentimental value (filth didn't find it in either of two busts!) but it leaks like crazy right out the bottom of it. It's staining my crappy wooden shelves & making them reek of bong water (don't really care) and it gets everybody who uses it wet and stinky. It's way better than any of my other bongs though (even the glass one... the shape & size of this one is just right) and I don't wanna go buy a new one if I can avoid it. The bong only has a cap on the bottom, not a proper bottom, and you can see there isn't any kind of sealant... I tried hot glue, which worked for one day but then it started leaking again... pulled that off and tried gorilla glue and that didn't work at all. Thought maybe somebody else had had this problem... any ideas?
  2. If you fully dry it off then use hot glue to make a good seal on the bottom there should be no leaking. I've had homemade bongs keep there glue seals for basically ever, if you glue it right it should not leak.
  3. Take the cap off use some black tape and then put the cap back on. Then hot glue. Not to much black tape just a little to make the cap tighter fiting.
  4. Did u clean it with alcohol? I did that once and it leaked. it put holes in the bottom, the alcohol just eats the plastic.
  5. nah... i cleaned it with 420 cleaner but i'm guessing there's nothing in that that ruins bongs or else what would be the point, haha...

    hm... i may not have had it fully dry last time, i'll give it another shot i guess. did you just apply the glue with the cap attached?

    i like that idea! i hope i can get the cap off after using gorrila glue on it now, wish i hadn't done that.. :smoking:
  6. Use a waterproof silicone sealer :wave:
  7. Plastic adhesive?

  8. I'm willing to make the assumption that the 420 cleaner is really meant to be used on a glass bong, not plastic. however i don't know what's in your cleaner and thus was the culprit for hurting the bong
  9. There's a 420 cleaner for acrylic too.

  10. well i stand corrected. maybe he used the wrong one? :hello:
  11. Dry the bong out, set it on a shelf. Buy a nicer piece and enjoy. :bongin:
  12. If you use the wrong one it will fuck up acrylic bad

    did the bottle look like this and say its for plastic and acrylic

    if not then thats why its leaking
  13. get some pvc glue. its meant for pvc piping in gardens and plumbing (so if its good enough for my house plumbing it should be safe in a bong).

    Its not just a glue but rather it dissolves a layer of the plastic on both pieces and then melts them into one piece and hardens back up. really really strong watertight stuff.

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