League of Legends?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Glassworks, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I'm about to be finished installing LoL, never played it before but i hear its pretty much DoTA, anyone play this and wanna play?
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    ill play with you....but im the max level so you might be matched with ppl around lvl13-15...not that it should make too much difference. you only start getting a stat edge around lvls 20+ and if you've played dota you should have a huge edge*

    tag is Yagyjubei
  3. Yoyo!!

    I play (Can't play atm)
    Bud add me (Mellorillo) And make yourself known next time I'm online at the same time.

    But ya, LoL is super easy to get into, espesh if you've played DotA

    Happy gaming bros
  4. ive been playing leagues for 2 days straight it feels like xD
  5. im in love with this game now. But retarded teammates piss me off, especially when one of them just runs away and then i get double teamed.
  6. Im gonna be playing right now if you wanna play a few rounds. i assure you im not a retarded teammate lol.
  7. ive played a few times, kinda got over it cause of nooobbs..

    but im down to play if anyone wants to let me know and ill get onn

    username: sneakabigtoke

    down to get baked too while playin:smoke:
  8. My tag on it is doctorsquires so if you guys wanna add me you can, i haven't figured out how to friend request people yet haha
  9. at the bottom right of the main UI theres a friend icon, you click on that and at the bottom right of the window that pops up theres an icon of a person with a + sign next to it.

    i just sent frequests to ppl who posted tags in the thread
  10. I'll go try and figure out my username, pretty fun game just didnt get too into it :(
    Ill def try picking it up again though

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