League of legends players?

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  1. I know I am not the only one here who plays some league of legends!

    Add me, me and some other pot smokers play nightly!

    Ign - zugg zugg
  2. I play.. under quite a few names.
  3. Nice we got a teamspeak server too if anyone is interested. Trying to form a solid 5 man league team
  4. I'll join up with you guys if you need another.
  5. shit i got on tonight just to see if there was a thread about this yet so i could start one. i got 2rl friends of mine who i play league with but we need 2 more people to have 5v5s.

    name ingame is AfgAnGoo add me to play and have some fun! looking to play with some blades :smoking:
  6. MasterChiefBudz
  7. my sing in name is, garrettmck
    but the name you see is, negromancerr.

    i dont know which one im supposed to put?
  8. I sent friend invites too all of you, if anyone is interested in playing just hit me up. I will also pass along my teamspeak information for those interested, smokers welcome!
  9. I also play league of legends -- I have a few accounts.

    My main is lvl 16 -- I play with Vayne.

    I have a few other accounts under level 10 I have with various characters --

    I really like Sona, she is a great support class with nice heals and dmg.

    I messed up leveling my first account on mainly AI's so I made a few new accounts to learn how to play better against real people.

    I will list my character names later tonight as I do not remember them offhand, I will edit them into this post.

    Are you guys all level 30's or what is your skill level? I am still learning, but I get my ass kicked sometimes against good players, greed and turrets gets me sometimes too, chasing a low health player =p
  10. ign sal the salmon

    i got vent and TS add me.,
  11. Yea I am a level 30 and was a dota player originally. I did move to and did purchase heroes of newerth also.
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    theres two other thread with ppls tags on em as well within the first few pages i think.

    but thats neither here nor there, my tag is Yagyjubei and im lvl 30 and such, don't really play ranked tho since I dont have a premade group and playing solo ranked is like asking to be slowly tortured to madness.

    i play mainly tanks/supports (singed/taric/morg/janna/amu/etc. etc.) and a few AD carries..not rly any AP carries tho.

    EDIT: oh and i have vent and TS also

    EDIT2: sent Frequests to the tags in the thread.
  13. got to play with a few GC blades last night, was some fun shit smoking and playing league. more people should get together via this thread! ill most likely be on tonight just send me a invite

    tag: AfgAnGoo my mains tend to be brand,akali,xin,nocturne in that order. btw im also lvl 21
  14. Highskore

    need i say more?
  15. ign: SizzleRizzle level 12, played dota for years n years. jus play LoL when im too smoked up to play SC2. Favorite is gangplank but i like ryze maybe a lil alistar. prob getting nidalee next.
  16. I am still checking into this thread so keep posting um. I got a team speak where we play, smoke and joke
  17. Yo, I got started because of a thread in grasscity. Level 30 now, add me if you wanna play.

  18. I play this shit every day so add me.

  19. Doctorsquires lvl 12 here, i use Xin zhao and alistair usually
  20. dat xin. we gotta play again and ill go as morgana, it wont even be fair to the other team.

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