League of Legends (From the creators of DotA)

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  1. League of Legends is a great FREE and fairly new game from the creators of DotA, and with some ex-WoW developers on their team.

    The kind of game it is, is very similar to DotA, and if you ever played DotA, then you would know that you could spend hours and hours on that game and still be quite entertained. League of Legends has that concept, but with a bunch of other unique additions to the game.

    In League of Legends, you also earn experience, level up, have a "talent tree", and even they even have a quite awesome thing called runes. The talent tree and runes that you can get, improve the use of any character you use while playing.

    Another great thing is instead of everyone being able to use the same characters every game, they have a set amount of "free to use" characters differing each week. With points you get from winning and losing games, you can permanently purchase a character you like using, and can use it from then on in.

    If you are interested in playing, click the link at the beginning of the topic and you can watch the game play trailer, and if you like what you see, sign up and play. The game is absolutely FREE.

    PS: If you decide to play, and want some help or someone to play with, leave your summoner name (not your log in name) in a reply to this thread, so people can add you and stuff. You can also add me in game, my summoner name is: Frit

    Enjoy! :smoking:
  2. Bump! For anyone else interested in playing. Lots of fun. :)
  3. I had it for a while but just ended up playing dota on wc3 more. L.O.L seemed to unbalanced. Hey op is roc dota still alive?
  4. When LoL first came out it was pretty unbalanced I think too, but it's now quite enjoyable. Haven't played RoC DotA in many, many years so I'm not sure.
  5. Bump! It's good to see some people playing. :) It's absolutely free so people, give it a try!
  6. Post your in game names.
  7. Seriously, post your in game names!
  8. Zelon is my ingame name!

    I like your avatar, Sion ahha

    this game has me hooked ps. thanks for posting it!
  9. hes just advertising for the game... no one else sees this?

  10. Yea man I am hooked too. Ohhh you are Zelon, I've seen you online message me for a game some time.

    Advertising? I made a topic about a game that is a newer version (with better game play) of a previous popular game, and suggest people try it if they ever played DotA.
  11. IT IS NOT CREATORS FROM DOTA. FFS. They took the IDEA from DOTA.

    Honesly, this game suck ass and full of n00bs. I always go 20-0 and pwn shit.

    I think you're better off playing heroes of newerth.
  12. Quoted from League of Legends DotA & LoL | League of Legends

    The development team includes the creator of DotA.

    Heroes of Newearth is the one that actually tried its best to look like the DotA map lol. There is noobs until you hit level 30, and theres actually ladder coming out soon.
  13. do you still play ? i play almost every day. add me up : moyness

  14. Oh really?

    Then how come Valve hired the icefrog and work on DoTA2 based off of valve engine? :devious:
  15. didn't guinsoo make dota and icefrog continued to update it ?
  16. Yea I still play on occasion, I will add you. Still a very fun game, they release a new champion every two weeks, and have ladder now. And yes trisikad, Guinsoo was the original maker of DotA.
  17. Add me: Kindergartener

  18. Add me, my name is Dank Nugz For Me. this game is addictive
  19. MaoriChampion add me :D

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