Leafywhale + Wired1011 's evening with a new Helix!

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    So we browsed around 3 or 4 headshops today because I'm looking for a dry pipe to use all the time to make my double bubbler a kinda special occasion thing. Ended up seeing an offshoot Helix color changing pipe that I got for $40. I meant to take my nice DSLR camera to document the evening, but I forgot it on the way to my friend's house and had to use my phone for the first few.

    Here it is with a fresh bowl:

    And here's a crappy video of me hitting it, buddy kinda missed the exhale/hard to see the spiral. I'm kinda angry, I took a good video of my brother getting an nice spiral and my phone crashed and the video didn't save :


    We got kinda hungry so we went to this sandwhich place called Which Wich:


    Took a back way home on a dark 1 way traffic 2 lane road driving like 50 (speed limit was 45), and if felt like we were racing through a movie haha.

    Crappy Cell Phone pic:


    And here's my Helix after 3 or 4 bowls



    Just hanging out playing some Beatles Rock Band now, gonna go smoke some more in a bit. :smoking:
  2. i like the shape. you got a golden eye for choosing pieces...im sure u will enjoy many bowls with it...
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    Has been a good night so far! I'm glad I spotted Leafy for this purchase.
    The difference between the Helix and pipes of similar size is amazing, plus watching the smoke swirl is awesome!

    My proposed name is Golden Eye!
    Or maybe Maurice...

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