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  1. one day me and my friend decided to toke up and we went to this wooded area and theres this hidden place thats hard to find, anyways we were tokin so we did two joints and we were baked off are ass and we were chillen there jus sittin down to let the high wear off when we heard some gun shots. since we were really high and we were kinda trippin so we were tryin to get are stuff together and leave cause we thought that we were gonna get shot so i had a back pack i brought with me and i layed some books out to spread the weed out and roll the J's so i started to get my books and i put them in my bag so after i had all my books in i went down to get any thing else that was there and i jus started to pick up hand fulls of weed and stuffing them in my bookbag. by the time i realized im stuffin leaves not books my bag was filled with leave so i jus started to run with my book bag open and leaves fallen from my bag.

    iight thats the story peace ,

  2. please use punctuation next time, that makes no sense whatsoever. thank you. :p
  3. herb you're just baked...it makes perfect sense

    lol that made me laugh, good story (...stoner)
  4. What the fuck did you just say??

    Go smoke another bowl.
  5. i was there.... what he meant was that when he got scared he tried picking up all his stuff but ended up with about a half a back pack full of leaves.

    what was also funny is he was more paranoid than me so all thw while hes packin his shit..im still sitting on the ground trying to finish the joint, and he yanked my arm for me to come back to reality lol
  6. i dont care what kind of punctuation u use...that story is hilarious. (u were officially baked)
  7. thanx for not minding the puncuation. glad u liked the story

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