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Leafy, Uncured bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by biggychris, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Im a fairly new smoker and my friend usually gets the bud for us, but i was with another guy today and he said he had some bud, i offered to buy a dub, we made the quick transaction before i left and didnt inspect the bud until i got home, now that im looking at it, it looks really leafy and fresh, i know its only around 1.5-2g so theres not gonna be a nice nug or anything, and its a little moist so im not sure if it was cured, if it wasnt how should i go about drying it out?

    Main point of the story: The bud smells fresh and is a little moist, is it uncured? And it just seems like mainly stem and leaves, i know theres not gonna be a nice nug when its such a small amount but still, i'll try to get a picture up soon.
  2. Is it really worth drying out just 2g? But the best way is to put it in a paper bag and leave it outside in a shoebox. That's what I did the last time my pick up was wet.

  3. Wrap it in rolling paper and leave on your desk in some air condition for a 12 really works.
    Also before you smoke it WILL taste better if you take out the big leaves as well....

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