Leafs wrinkly and drooping

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  1. Ocean forest, jus got ph runoff at exact 7.0 yesterday, water once simetimes twice, a week nutrients once a week, X nutrients is what im using. 1000 watt MH. Humidity is at 20% temp when lights are on is 73-78 gets a low of 68 when lights are off, plzzzzz help me figure out wat is wrong with the babys. Light is bout 1.5 ft away from plant.
    The pic i posted is mainly the plant in back right corner of photo. Thx in advance friends

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  2. I think you should water less often.

    Also try to get that rh up a little if possible. That's a good number for the last week or two of flowering but other then that rh is best at 40-55% in the flower room.
  3. Raise the light. 18 inches is a little close for a 1k. Try 2.5 feet. Can safely go as far as 30"
  4. Awesome, thanks dude, much appreciated

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