Leafs With burned Tips

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  1. Hey guys,
    I want to know if this was caused because of my leds were too close to the plant:
    The plant has 5 days and a half (plus 1 and half for germination), and today appeared some burning texture in one of the tips as you can see.
    I gave them on the second day 1/4 of the regular nutrient dosage.
    The LED 50W lamp was at a distance of 8,9 cm, i've moved them to 11cm.
    Thank you for any help provided :)

  2. Hey guys, from yesterday to this day the plant got worse :(
    The temperature was at 28 wich is too high i know, reduced it to 25 yesterday, but this new condition appeared today, the leaves have some kind of wrinkle issue.
    Do you think it's a sub-nutrition problem? I gave them 1/4 of the first dosage on the second day (She had 2 beautiful leaves out already) and no problems appeared until the 6th day.
    I gave them a new dosage of nutrients already, as i had it planned for today.
    day 1 - leaves were sprouting
    day 2 - plant with 2 cm, gave her 1/4 of the nutes
    day 3 - grew considerably
    day 4 - still on growing and in a beautiful condition with a nice green color.
    day 5 - plant seams to be burning on one leaf. 
    day 6 - it looks like it got weak, with a weird texture. HUGE amount of roots.
    I had grew previously and never saw so many roots in so little time. This strain is Strawberry Cough from dutch passion.
  3. Anyone? 
  4. Pictures are kinda blurry but id suggest flushing with clean ph'd water and using maybe 10% of the recommended feeding schedule. I'd bury that rockwool too.

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  5. I'm with smoking^^^  Does not look like "bleached" tips from the light to me, just too much nutes...
    I have flushed young plants before b/c of nute burn and it doesn't take long...  I was under the impression that a 24-48 hour flush was needed but that really is for bigger plants I believe.  A small plant like that should flush itself out in about 12 hours I would say... if not less.
  6. Thank you both for the replies, the plant is still growing but the problems gotten worse :(
    Help me save this little baby.
  7. Give it time to recover. You said it's still growing so take a step back and wait a day or so. Go smoke a bowl :p

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  8. One more thing, you said you have a lot of roots. Do they appear to be healthy?

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  9. The roots look super healthy, i will wait a few hours more before flushing the whole thing.
  10. Keep patience, give it some time to recover before flushing.

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