Leaf's feeling dry...plz help!!

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  1. Well I just checked my plant and I was thinking I over wattered it the other day so I planed to leave it alone until wendesday cuz then the soil should need wattering again. Well today I wanted to see how they were coming and if I could tell the sex yet and I cant. Those things seem to be leafs or something cuz I dont see nuts or pistals....anyways I felt some of the leafs from both plants and they seem to be drying out. So this tells me the plants arent getting enough water. Well the first pot had too much water, it was like mud so I had to strain some of the dirt by pressing it down flipped upside down. Anyways I just misted the leafs so they would have some moisture and wont completely die. I also noticed some brown marks on some of the leafs...What the fuck is going on??? LOL I never seen anything like this...usually dry dead leafs means no water but both plants have enough watter. I just misted the leafs from both plants. I hope they will pull through consitering i dont know what this means...
  2. If the leaves are droopy, they have enough water. In that case, just mist the leaves every now and again. If they aren't droopy it needs water.
    The browning on the leaves could either be caused by hotspots (if you use aluminum foil), bad pH levels (happened when mine were too acidic but it could be the other way around too), or unbalanced nutrient levels. AS far as telling sex, it is normal for those areas to begin growing another set of leaves. Then before they completely open, they will begin showing sex most of the time.
  3. I know how you guys love pictures to tell whats going on...so here you can see how the leafs are droopy and they are stiff like they are drying out.

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  4. looks overwatered.
  5. Yup they look overwatered to me. How old are they? I would say its time to transplant them.
  6. Ok thanks guys. Im getting ready to transplant outdoors, im just waiting to find out which of the 2 plants are going to be female. No point in transplanting if they turn up males...lol
  7. lack of light contact, it looks like when it germinated it searched for light realy hard.. and yes a bit over watered
  8. Germinating seeds don't need light, they need a dark warm moist environment.
  9. Sorry to butt in on da thread, but a question to Green Man......i know the germ process should be dark etc but when planted in soil, should that also be dark or under light? I always have mine in the light and they seem to pop up to fast and stretch like hell. Scrawny bitches to start!! lol!....Cheers!
  10. You can actually leave the lights off till the seeds sprout if you want. I like to keep them on though, it helps keep the soil warm and with the cfls I use electricty isn't a big issuse. Don't worry about them poppping up to fast, thats a good thing. I had 5 seeds actually pop out a day after I planted them in soil, and they germed for a few days. Sufice it to say I was really happy lol.

    Stretching usually occurs cause your lights are to far away from the sprouts. You should use cfls and fluros for seedlings, they like less intense light, that way you can place the light like an inch to 2 inches away. If you can also get a slight breeze blowing on them that will help strengthen the stems. Also you should probally bury some of the stems, that will give it more support and eventually the buried part of the stem will start growing roots. Remember to fill the containers to the very top with soil so you give roots more vertical room to grow.

    I know some people put their seedlings in a window sill, but this is a bad idea as it will actually also cause stretching as the light that comes through the glass is less intense than the natural light outside.

    I hope that helps you out, good luck with the grow dude. :smoking:
  11. Thanks Green Man, That's exactly where I start them, on the window sill!! Wont do that again!! Thanks for taking the time to help!!
  12. Yup anytime, always happy to help.:smoking:

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