leafs edge wavy ?

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  1. My 1st bubbler using 400 W MH @ 24", nutes are PBP and CAL-MAG 1.5 tsp. & .5 tsp. per gal.

    Plants look happy but the edge of the leafs are a little wired looking.
    Any thing to worry about?

    Thank for looking

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  2. The rest of the plant, planted july 3rd.
  3. 2nd. pic didn’t post humm I will try one more time so you can see the plant.

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  4. that leaf looks pretty bad man
  5. I have the same setup, but in 12 gal tubs. I really don't know what the leaf thing is, but I've def had that prob. Maby mg deficiency, but I don't think so. They have a list of all the plant deficiencies with pics over at overgrow.com FAQ section.I wouldn't worry about it to much, plant looks really healthy
  6. Thanks for the complement's, they are my first and maybe just a little over concerned. (Like any good parent) :) I will try not to worry to much ;)

    I will take a look at the OG FAQ. And keep posting updates.

    Peace to ya's

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