Leafs dying, please help.

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  1. hello everyone.

    first grow here - bag seeds / black Marley strain.

    Seeds went into ground June 10th
    Switched to 12/12 August 1st
    600 watt viparspectra reflective
    Fox farm ocean / happy frog soil mixture.
    Using fox farm nutes 3 pack, feeding every other day. Using a cal/mag supplement as well as 3 weeks ago started seeing signs of cal/mag deficient, fixed the issue, put plants in flower mode.
    Keep temp between 75 - 77 day time,

    Around 69-72 night time.
    Around 50-55% humidity 24/7 (try to keep it under 50)
    Light is about 13 inches from the top of the highest bud on the affected plant.

    2 days ago, 3 started showing signs of it again, gave them a little more and the other 2 are better but this once seems to have slowed down but still going, I’m on day three and still adding cal/mag she is eating it.

    I think I have small pots, so I water once or twice a day, just a little bit to ensure she is getting water, I weight the pot and it losses all the water I give her every 24 hours, so I don’t think I’m over watering. Top inch and half is always drop..

    Would my pot size be the issue? (I know, too small) but to late now.

    I didn’t water her today yet, as I’m thinking maybe it’s a root problem from over watering because the pot is small.

    I water about 1/4 gallon + 1 cup of a water / nutes to each pot every day.

    (They are always dry when I water them And very light when I pick them up.

    Please and thank you so much for your help.

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