Leafs changing color

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  1. I moved my plants into flowering and the leafs are starting to feel dry and crisp and changing color from dark green to light? Is this normal if not what’s the problem

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  2. Are they larger leaves? What location on the plant are they in terms of it's overall height.
    In my limited experience, changes happen through this time...it could just be a slight stress reaction too - the weather is not quite as sudden as a change from 18/6 to 12/12.
    There's also new feeding regime I suppose to get used to?
    But yeah while flowering I found that I lost leaves like this...not a lot, but it kind of just gets rid of some of them?
    I'm guessing it might be to like redirect it's energies towards the flowers or some such...or, it could have "just happened" and I dunno why.
    Is it *all* the leaves?
    Are you using a different light?
  3. Ye
    a it’s majority of the leafs they aren’t drying out and falling off just changing color from dark green to light green and yes I have changed the lights they used to be under T5 now I moved it under the dimlux

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