leafs are U shaped help PLEASE!!

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  1. Plants are on the 4th week with no nutes added just been watering. got them under a 150w hps with a nice sizable fan blowing on her and the light is about 18 inchs away from her. The leafs are taco shaped (U shaped) with a curled burnt tip. I water with bottled spring water cause tap seem to me like a bad choice. Help plz!
  2. I've heard this can be caused by ph being to high..
  3. okay im getting a meter today to see whats the ph is. what are easy and cheap ways to lower your ph?
  4. Also when trying to figure out your ph do you stick the meter in the soil?
  5. most likely heat stress whats your temps
  6. We need pics bro and we'll be able to tell you exactly what is going on :)
  7. will have pics up after work.
  8. okay temp is at 81 F. with 56 humidity. how can i get the temp down?
  9. google sick marijuana plant guide
  10. humidity went down to 47 temp still at 81. i watered with distilled water instead on bottled water this time see if it helps. trying to get photos up
  11. its your ph bro... same thing happened to me.. getta ph pen...
  12. okay. does that mean the ph is to high or to low? garden places are close so i wont be able to till tomorrow. thank you
  13. [​IMG] tell if this works.
  14. Somehting no one ever says is when you buy a PH penn.buy PH 7.0 solution as well.Because you need to store the penn with the probe in PH 7 solution at all times.It comes with a cover,and you supposed to put some in it,but I just leave mine in a small cup full.

    Atleast my penn uses ph 7.0.I bought a cheap Milwaukee for like $35.Not sure if all use 7.0
  15. Dude why aren't you feeding them?

    They're not going to grow into big delicious weed plants if you just give them water.

    I use tap water, combined with plant food and get good results.

    If I'm reading you wrong then I don't know what to tell you, but it seemed like you said you weren't feeding them.
  16. yea i don't feed the till 4th week. that's just what i have read in multiple forums
  17. A magnesium deficiency can make leaves curl up, but I've never seen them curl up like that. At 81 degrees it shouldn't be too hot to give that much stress. It is definitely big enough for nutes. Add lightly a good 10-10-10 fert or something close to. I would also put some calmag in there. I'd highly recommend getting a TDS and PH meter. I got good inexpensive ones on amazon. When you get your PH meter, test the water that runs out of the bottom of your container as this is what is basically being given to your roots. Spring water is usually around 7 and depending on the PH of your soil it could throw it off in either direction. If you want a simple way of increasing or decreasing PH from common household items, lemon juice is very acidic which will drop PH and baking soda has high alkalinity which raises PH. Of course the best bet is to just buy some PH up and PH down and test and adjust everything (water going in, water coming out). As for the PPM of your water, start with a distilled water (because it has "0" PPM, in my opinion it is best because you know exactly what is in your water when you add nutrients) and add enough fertilizer to increase PPM to around 200. This should get you on the right track, good luck!
  18. i have questions ha! killerkush you actually gave me a good answer to really help me out. what fert would you suggest. I just started using distilled water cause it doesnt have all the other bullshit in it and how will i know its at 200 PPM? whats PPM?

  19. That's good to use as a guide, but all strains are different and all environments are different. Read the plant. It's hungry.

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