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  1. the plant is in miracle grow oragnic potting soil. no nutes given. under cfl's. it's my second grow.. so gimme a break.

    any help and or advice would be much appreciated.


    wish i had a better camera!


  2. Hey man, currently on my second grow aswell....

    I cant really tell whats up, but it definitely looks stressed as hell.
    I'm guessing its the miracle grow soil/nutes. Probably too much for such a little guy... next time you water, flush it maybe?
  3. ya, i was definitely thinking of flushing and basically came to the conclusion that it's the miracle gro's fault for the whole burning thing

    after flushing what would my next step be? it would probably flush all the nutes that came with the soil so i'd probably have to get some huh?

    anyway thanks for the input man!
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    I'm learning the hard way that mg soil is no good. Have you checked the ph of the runoff after watering? I'm watering with water that ph's at 7.3, and my run off is at 4.6. I added some lime that I picked up at lowes the other day but haven't watered again since to check runoff. After a lot of reading up on it, I just ordered some fox farm ocean forest soil last night and hope to transplant my 3 week old sharks breath in the next week. I reccomend you do the same. The lime works fine when mixed with the soil prior to planting, but not sure how well it acts when put on the soil and watered in.
  5. ya, i checked the ph almost a month ago and it was good. i'll go check it again now just to see.

    but ya i actually always wanted to use fox farm soil i'm just lazy and like the convenience of being able to go to walmart. but i know i need to sacrifice more if i want some actaul quality bud.

    thanks for the ph reminder, man!
  6. I ordered some on eBay, like 20 bucks shipped for 12qts of soil. I hope it helps my issues lol, but I know my ph is way low. If you check your ph and it's good, I'd imagine the lime won't help that issue, but most likely need to flush. If you just flush, I wouldn't recommend any nutes for a couple weeks after the flush.
  7. that sounds like a good plan. if nothing improves then i guess i can just deal with it and start over with another plant with some fox farm's.

    hope your issues are resolved as well! are you doing a grow journal or something?
  8. I haven't started one yet, this is my first grow. I got a clone from a buddy and I've now has it in soil for about 3 weeks under a 23w 6500k cfl on 18/6. This will be my mother and if all goes well I hope to get 4-5 clones out of her in the next couple weeks to start my 4 bucket dwc 600w grow in. 4x4 tent. Shea growing good and is getting big, but can tell the ph has really started affecting her bad in the last week or so. I've got 3 big leaf sets that are curled under and about 25% burnt on the leaves, and almost every other leafset has at least 1 small burnt tip.
  9. here's what mine looks like after 3 weeks in mg soil. as far as i can tell, growth is on par with her age, but she's definitely sad and burning all over :( can't wait to transplant her in some ff soil, unfotunately this might delay me a week or so, as i was hoping to get clones by this weekend when i originally started growing her.

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  10. do you think it would be too much stress to transplant in it's current state? of course, i'm not expert, but i'd probably wait until your plant is looking better to transplant and to take cuttings. idk. cannabis is a very resilient(spelling?) plant.

    that's awesome though, thanks for sharing. i've not gotten to actually socialize about growing with anyone at all. just with my stoner friends who think they know things but have no idea what they're saying, haha.. smh..

    start a grow journal, man. i'd love to follow the progress!
  11. dang. i really need help.
  12. [quote name='"markjonesss"']dang. i really need help.[/quote]

    Those are miracle growed.(nutrient burnt).

    Stop being lazy and get the stuff you know you should be using. Check your ph regularly.
  13. dont say anything if it's not helpful, ya fuckin twat.
  14. Ok, I won't tell you how to fix it. Good luck
  15. haha. ooookay
  16. Did you check your ph and/or flush yet? I replanted mine in ffof tonight! She had tons of root mass, I was really surprised. My water ph'd at 7.3 before watering, and my run off was 6.3! I'm stoked it's up 2 points and hope my girl gets well soon.
  17. yup sure did sir now i'm just waiting to see if those were the problems. freaking crap i hope it fixes it.

    i'm glad you fixed your ph issues, whenever i can afford to get some, i definitely will.

    update me on this.. hope everything turns out well!
  18. still don't know what do

    i flushed about five days ago.

    freakin crap :(

  19. :confused:updating. i'm desperate. done all i know to do and can do at the moment.


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