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  1. So this has happened on my last 2 grows and is happening to my current grow..
    I use a 5 gal recirculating DWC.
    Advanced nutrients PH perfect MGB, Voodoo Juice, Big Bud and B52 during the weeks that they are called for.
    it's a 400 watt lamp depending on Veg or Bloom
    Always PH'd at 5.8. Although my current grow is Malawi and can take a bit higher PH
    Tent temp is never higher than 80
    The first grow I was using the nutes as directed to I thought it was nute lock and flushed it but no joy with that.
    The second grow I used half the nutes calle d for but added cal mag. same thing happened
    This grow half the nutes required, no call mag.
    The bitch of it is it never progress beyond the tips, it just affects ALL the tips, which makes trimming a pain in the ass.
    So any help would be appreciated as this is very frustrating.
  2. could be a nuit lock out if your ph at 5.8 should be more towards 6.5

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