Leaf tips yellow/purple and curling HELP PLEASE

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  1. Hey GC,

    I'm growing 2 plants right now. 1) Afghan Kush Ryder by WoS and 2) a bagseed plant I'm LSTing and plan on SCROGing when the Auto is done. Both plants are showing problems

    The Afghan Kush is yellowing and then turning purple on the tips. The leaf tips curl under. The lower leafs are turning completely yellow/ spotted with darker spots and then turing brown from the tips till the entire leaf dies and dropps off.

    The Bagseed plant is developing yellow/brown on the tips of the top leaves.

    I have searched and cant figure out the problem. I listed both plants because I believe that It could be the enviroment since both ate not looking that great IMO. I have searched and think that it may be a Potassium problem but I'm no expert. heres some pics hope you can help me. Thanks

    About a week ago, bottom set of leaves have since died


    last night, purple tips, yellow bottom leaves


    better pic of dying leaf


    LST'd Bagseed plant W/leaf tip problems

    The set-up
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  2. What's the feeding schedule with what food and hows the ph?
  3. Damn knew I was forgetting things.

    Ph- only way of testing i had was the ph strips and i ran out of thos last week trying to solve this problem. I know my water's ph is good cause i cheked it and added ph up. the runnoff when i checked it looked between 6-7(remember i'm matchin colors not gettin a digital read out so its not that accurate)

    Food- I have given the Auto a LIGHT (about 1/2 stregnth) feeding of flower nutes 2 times. I'm givin her nutes every other monday. And using the Recipe For Success kit. The Bagseed has got the veggin nutes
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    Well buddy it could be a number of things. The tips look like they have very slight burn, but thats ok cuz its not severe. I actually feed until I see the tips burn just a touch, then I back the nutes down just a little and leave it there. The yellowing leaves at the bottom look like minor deficiencies of possible multiple nutes. Yellowing bottom leaves are common in flower and shouldn't be taken too seriously unless your plant has stunted growth and starts to look unhealthy. Your girl actually looks pretty good. If the yellowing starts to spread up the plant, give her a good flush and give her a light feeding and then you can get her back on your feeding schedule.

    P.S. she is a pretty small plant so make sure you are only giving her a light dose of nutes. Also, I just looked at the rest of your pics and your lights might be just a touch too far away, and the big one has some deformed smaller new growth which is caused by ph being off. I would go ahead and flush if you want.

  5. So...your sayin its not as bad as I thought. I just flushed her out, should I wait till next week and feed her on schedule or feed her now? Either way I'll back off the nutes a little. Shes a little small but I think its honestly cause its only a little over a month old.

    About the lights, I had heat problems earlier in the grow when it was just the bagseed and I;m really weary about getting them closer. I think the picture makes them seem really far away but its only about 5 inches away. should they be closer than that?
  6. Yes, you should give her approx 1/4 strength nutes now since the flush removes most of the old nutrients out of the soil. As for the lights, most CFL growers keep the lights as close as possible without touching the plants, but you wanna make sure the whole plant is in the light footprint. 5in away isnt too bad, the look like pretty strong CFLs. Keep a close eye and update if the discoloration is persistent up the plant.

  7. Not much improvement today. Actually looks like its getting worse on the bottom leaves. If things dont turn around by tomorrow I'll post some new pictures and I guess we'll be back to the drawing board on the issue here:(
  8. the affected leaves will most likely continue to die off, but as long as new leaves are turning. In soil it always takes a few days to really tell.
  9. and then?
  10. Well its been like 2 weeks and its still spreading up the plant but its really slow its barely even turned the next set up from when I posted those pictures.
  11. just so you know, if your using cfls as i am the leaves can be right up to them if you have even the simplest of ventilation by the lights,

    mine are in a rubber maid grow and the top of the colas are directly under the lights less then 2 inches, but i have a pc fan sucking the heat out. dont stress the heat unless you have poor ventilation

    if after two weeks your still seeing yellowing you need a bit more N more then likely, even if its an auto they need a good source of N to promote the new growth.

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