Leaf tips poointed down. Weird looking leaf. Wind burn? Pest?

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  1. Not sure what is going on with this one leaf but it looks mighty strange to me. The only pests are fungus gnats. Did recently put a new fan in the tent a few days ago. Leaf was not like this yesterday. Fan Oscillating and pointing upward, running 24.7 Could it be wind burnt? Pests? Appreciate any tips

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  2. Check the underside of all the leaves for any pests, check carefully... Caterpillars blend into the spines of leaves pretty well.

    Also check for any other bugs that may be crawling on the plants stems.

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  3. I’ve not had to deal wit many pests except the fungus gnats, they’re a bitch and a half, but the way that’s Eaten looks like a caterpillar. Unless u accidentally ripped a leaf, I do that shit then freak out about it lol
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  4. Will take a closer look with a flashlight after the lights are back on. Thanks for the tips guys. Tent is usually sealed with passive air intake through a mesh window. Been leaving some bowls of soapy apple cider vinegar in the tent. For the infernal gnats. Maybe this attracted a roach. They can be pretty sneaky. extractor fan on 24.7 but kind of out in the country side here. Got the grow room on dark cycle until mid day but the structure is old so maybe something snuck in. Got several pieces of yellow sticky sheets near the plants. That stuff is pretty sticky. Think it coud catch a roach or caterpillar. Will write back after i check around.
  5. Remembered about knocking one of the cfl lamps over the other day. Which landed on a plant. Was definitely cursing when that happened. Glad the stem did not break. i guess this mark could be from the lamp burning it. Because not seeing any caterpillars or similar famage on other leafs. Did notice a few leafs on a couple of the plants have tips that are pointing down. Just the tips. Kind of funny looking. Any idea what that can be from??

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