Leaf tips pointing down, but some up?

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  1. Hello there reader,

    When I was given the plant, I topped it. I don't know how, but doing this I knicked a fan leaf and had to remove it. I wanted to mention this to see if that has anything to do with the problem. After a couple days I gave the plant it's first round of nuts. 1/2 a teaspoon of fox farm big bloom and grow big into a gallon. Now some leaf tips point down, some look like they are crisping pointing up. And the top most fan leaf is in the shape of a canoe, wanted to get some insight. Also had the bottom most fan leaves drooping.

    I'll post pictures and if you need any more info I'll respond as quickly as possible.
    So this plant was given to me so I don't know all the details about it but I could ask if necessary. But this plant is probably around 4-5 weeks old. Grown in happy frog, transplanted into ocean forest. It's now under 4 daylight cfls that are 23w. Temps go from 75-82 with humidity going from 32-40.
    The last picture it's hard to tell but it's the canoeing

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    It looks dry
    When did you last feed it and how much?
    There are much better nute choices for mj
    Also add more soil mix up to the first node
    4 @ 2w CFLs isn't going to reward you with much bud
    Replace them with either Cree, Philips,or EcoSmart... retro fit LED bulbs-preferably spots
    Available at Lowes/HD
  3. heat stress perhaps? how close are the lights and is there a fan nearby?

    are you saying FF nutes are the cause of his problem or is it your opinion he should spend his money on something else?

    what is the benefit of spending to switch to LED bulbs?
  4. I used FF back in the day
    AFAIK it is not specific to mjs needs
    No, not saying it is the cause, but it could be a factor
    Benefits are much increased intensity, and better color spectrum balance=
    bigger, tighter nuggz
    Now, that is not true of all LEDs, but I have harvested very nice buds with the above
    Search captainmorgan for a thread he did
    Results were amazing, but cost is now within reach of a quality 100w panel
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    There's nothing wrong with your plant. Except for a tiny bit of nute burn on those burnt tips...she is healthy. Leaves turned up is a good thing and is normal. The "canoe" effect you're describing is normal, it's genetics. It's so obvious the advice already given here is coming out of asses.
    Heat burn? LOL? Not using 4 23w CFL's..... and FF nutes are fine. You need to keep in mind you're in FFOF. It's a hot soil out of the bag. I also grow in FFOF, I have 6 going in 7 gallon smart pots filled with it and I have previous grow experience in FFOF. Since you just transplanted it's bag fresh, it's packed full of enough nutes to feed that tiny and lanky plant for the next 2-3 weeks in that tiny pot without added nutes. Because you added the FF nutes so soon into the transplant, and because the plant is stretched and lacks proper/full growth potential, you're basically overfeeding. Cut back on the nutes. Keep those CFL's 4-6" off the top of the plant. Make sure you're getting a full 18/6 light pattern. 18 hours lights on, 6 hours completely in the dark. You aren't ready for flower yet... maybe in another few weeks when she bushes up a bit. Other than that...it looks fine.
    Also...top your soil off and trim the larfy looking leaves at the bottom. They aren't needed and are just sucking nutes and water. It doesn't look dry, either 
  6. It's so obvious the advice already given here is coming out of asses.

    ^^^this shit funny, somebody not here to make friends haha
  7. Thank you for all the comments! NGB you seem to know what you are talking about. I'm taking what you said and I'll back off of the nutes. Thank you for the info, sometimes I get paranoid about the little things :p
  8. Alright, the problem has progressed and I need to know what action to take. Do I just wait it out to recover? Do I trim anything? Leaf tips twisting, edges of leaves appear almost purple, and the leaf appears to be dying. Any thoughts?

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  9. Should I buy a humidifier? My humidity didn't even get over 35 today. I also added another fan, may that have affected anything?
  10. Any thoughts?
  11. I have a humidifier now, humidity stays around 60. I'm hoping that's not too high for veg

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