leaf tips curling, very tips durning black, please help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jgrish, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. At first it was just a few leaves after i sprayed for spider mites the last time(been spraying for almost a month every 7 days, this was meant to be the last spray, and this only started to happen this last time). Now all the leaves are curling more every day. ebb and flow system, I thought it was a nutrient problem with too much nutrients. Then I thought it had to be my ph because my ph is very high, or overwatering. So i was sitting there staring when i noticed one of the plants that didn't do so well, i had taken her out of the watering system and set aside. I haven't watered this one in a couple days(since before the curling, and wasnt sprayed, becuase she's a gonner), and it's leaves were begining to curl. The humidity sky rockets at night, could humnidty cause this problem? There is a vent system in/out. I turned the outtake up, lowered the nutient solution and lowered the ph and the problem persists... I'm confused, am I missing something here?

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