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  1. hey ladies and gents, im back with another newb question!!! So heres the baaby doin great if i do say so myself. I let it dry out for bout 2 days after a good soak and this morning i noticed only on the top canopy the tips of the leaves are turned down.....this becasue i let it dry a bit to long? i just gave it water this morning so im hoping thats the reason. I dont think this is a huge deal but check it out let me know what you think?

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  2. Well, I cant see the brown tips, but if your getting that it's nute burn.

    She will droop a little right after watering and then perk back up.

    Check your temps too.

    No worries really, she looks really good, just back off those nutes just a touch I would say,
  3. thanks for the response, i dont think its tips look to brown either just dropped. The only nutes this lil girl has had is whatevers in the soil. I havent hand fed it any nutes. oh well i actually think its looking better alrady this morning but please keep the ideas coming people, i can never get enough knowledge on this topicc
  4. Hey RopeyMagnumMan,

    What are your temperatures like? How old is your plant? Maybe it's time you started giving some n-p-k. GL!
  5. yeah man, i held off on saying they looked a little hungry because he described what sounded like some nute burn, but yeah, they could totally just be a little hungry.

  6. so help me out im a little slow, what exactly should i be feeding it?
  7. Any vegging fert will work. Watch for the N to be higher than P and K. Personally I'm using the Canna Terra products at the moment.

    Terra | CANNA Gardening USA

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