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  1. Ave, again...I see nobody has an answer to my riddle (white burn holes) but that is ok, because I looked this morning and it corrected itself, they closed up...wa la no more holes... but now I have a new dilema, My leaf tips are turning brown, it seems to be only at the tips, as two of them have been brown for many days now, and it shows no sign of worsening, im assuming they will only get it at the tips, im on second day of flowering now, but the axil leaves are going brown at the tips too.. Im really hoping now that IT really is a female...seeing as its the only one I transplanted and allowed to grow as big as it did... but I am really not fertilizing at all really, i have for a total of 3 times, once a week or so, but never more than once, used small amounts of 20-20-20 because I couldnt find a definitive source on how to choose a fertilizer, and couldnt understand how to figure the actual elemental nutrients in their ACTUAL percentages, any help is appreciated as usual..
  2. Here ...the hopefully she to be... is:

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  3. ...

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  4. oh come on now, dont tell me were all at a loss for why my baby is browning out...dont say that...I might ... cry.


    Ave atque vale.

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