Leaf Tips Are Black. Cupping Downwards. Turning Light Green

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    I think its over fertilized. Foliar sprayed it ONCE at full strength. Haven't been spraying ever since (4th June) I mist every other day when the lights come on. Schedule 16/8. HPS is about 1 foot 3 inches away from the plant
    3 plants, Northern Lights One at 3 inches, 4 inches and 5 inches. Transplanted last week. Germinated (Cotton Wool) at 13th May, Planted on 14th May, Sprouted at 15th May. Till now, I have no idea when to fertilize. Because the round baby leaves are withering away, I thought it was time to fertilize..
    Sorry I had to use my hands to cover the light. HPS is high bay model with no reflectors. So yes, my plants surround the light in a circle but yet remain at a distance to prevent heat stress.

  2. It needs some food. When you sprayed at full strength, it burned it. Start out at like 25% of lowest dose, then gradually up it until your at full strength or it starts to burn again. If it burns, go back to the strength just prior that wasn't burning.

    Check PH run off and make sure you don't have nute lock out. What medium are are you using?
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  4. It needs food? Alright. Thanks.
    Using horticultural grade soil.
    Don't have enough room to install CFL lights.
  5. [​IMG]
    Over fert? Or it needs more? I foliar sprayed a tiny amount. Less is more right?
  6. I believe you got the answer you needed above.

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